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Biotechnology is a rapidly growing industry and Massachusetts has the second largest number of biotech companies in the nation. The Biotechnology Program at RCC prepares students for various career paths in research, human health, food, environment, forensics, instrumentation, and industrial goods. The program also provides graduates with educational opportunities in current and emerging technologies in the biotechnology industry, hands-on lab experience and internship opportunities with renowned employers. Graduates have the options of obtaining a job or transferring to a four-year institution for future education. Resent graduates have found their jobs in companies and research institutes in the area or transferred to BS programs at public or private universities, including UMASS Boston, Boston University and Northeastern University. 


Course Requirements

Semester One - Fall 2022 Credits
ACS102 The College Experience 3.00
ENG101 English Comp. I 3.00
MAT103 Pre-Calculus 4.00
SCI103 Biology I 4.00
SCI123 Prin. of Chem I 4.00
Semester Two - Spring 2023 Credits
ENG102 English Comp. II 3.00
IST120 or CIS141: Microcomp Apps 3.00
SCI104 Biology II 4.00
SCI124 Prin. of Chem II 4.00
Semester Three - Fall 2023
MAT111 MATH for Technology 3.00
SCI204 Microbiology 4.00
SCI206 Intro to Biomanufac I 4.00
SSIELECT Social Science Electives 3.00
Semester Four - Spring 2024
HUMELECT Humanities Electives 3.00
SCI207 Intro to Biomanufac II 4.00
SSIELECT Social Science Electives 3.00
There are many career opportunities in biotechnology. A Biotechnology degree may lead to employment in research and development (as biotechnicians and lab technicians); manufacturing and services (as manufacturing technicians and forensic analysts); and quality and regulatory affairs (as health and safety specialists and quality assurance specialists). Some graduates also pursue careers in administrative management as human resource specialists, sales representatives, and facilities specialists.

MassTransfer - Through the MassTransfer program, your Biotechnology degree from RCC transfers as two years of completed work towards at Bachelor's degree at most state colleges and universities.  Review the A2B pathways on the MassTransfer website

RCC also has articluation agreements with private universities that allow for seamless transfer to a four-year school upon completion of your biotechnology degree at RCC:

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