Radiologic Technology

Radiologic Technology

Radiologic Technology Program Requirements

Associate of Science Degree in Radiologic Technology

The Radiologic Technologist works within the healthcare environment to provide diagnostic images for treatment and diagnosis. The imaging professional is responsible for accurately positioning patients and ensuring that a quality diagnostic image is produced. Each Radiologic Technologist is responsible for radiation safety, radiation protection and basic patient care. Clinical experience in Boston – area hospitals combined with coursework prepares graduates for positions in this high demand field.

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3 Credits MAT 100 level or above College level Math course
(Algebra, Statistics, Pre-calculus, or Calculus)

Prerequisite Courses   10 credits
3 credits ENG 101 English Composition I (with a C or better - within last 10 years)
4 credits SCI 201 Anatomy and Physiology I * (with a C or better - within last 5 years)
Please note many institutions may require students to take Biology I, prior as a pre-req for A&P I
3 credits MATH 100 or above College Math (with a C or better - within last 10 years)
2 HLT 151 Basics of Radiologic Technology

Note: Prerequisite courses should be completed before applying to the program. See program admissions information. The student must be selected to the program before registering for Radiology/Allied Health (HLT) courses. It is recommended that students complete other general education courses before applying (Anat and Phys II, English II, Psychology, Humanities elective).

Program Courses   58 credits
First Semester-FALL    14
4 credits HLT 158 Radiologic Technology Anatomy and Physiology
3 credits HLT 150 Introduction to Radiology Technology
3 credits HLT 152 Basic Radiographic Procedures
4 credits HLT 154 Clinical Practicum I


Second Semester-SPRING    12
3 credits HLT 170 Principles of Radiologic Quality
3 credits HLT 171 Radiologic Instrumentation
3 credits HLT 172 Intermediate Radiographic Procedures
3 credits HLT 174 Clinical Practicum II


Third Semester-SUMMER    5
5 credits HLT 175 Clinical Practicum III


Fourth Semester-FALL    14
4 credits HLT 250 Fundamentals of Radiobiology
3 credits HLT 252 Advanced Radiographic Procedures                 
4 credits HLT 254 Clinical Practicum IV
3 credits ENG 102 English Composition II


Fifth Semester-SPRING    13
3 credits HLT 270 Topics in Radiology Technology
4 credits HLT 274 Clinical Practicum V
3 credits SSI  122 General Psychology
3 credits Elective HUM,PSY,SSI,BIO,CHE,ENG


Total   70 credits


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