radiologic technology

Radiologic Technology

Clinical Obligations

Each semester students are assigned to a clinical practicum site by the Program in accordance with the RCC clinical affiliation agreements. Each student will be assigned to a minimum of two different clinical sites while enrolled in the program.

Typically, students will spend three (3) semesters assigned to one clinical site and will rotate to a new clinical site in their second year of the program. To meet the educational needs of all students the clinical assignments may be changed at any time as determined by the Program Director, Clinical Coordinators and Clinical Preceptors. Students may be required to travel up to 30 miles from campus to their assigned clinical practicum sites and must provide their own transportation.

Clinical Obligations

The Radiologic Technology Program schedule is based upon the RCC academic calendar. Additionally, radiologic technology students are assigned to clinical as outlined below:

Students may not be scheduled in clinical during school closures. For the safety of students and patients, no more than ten (10) clinical hours shall be scheduled in any one day. Scheduled didactic and clinical hours combined will not exceed forty (40) hours per week. 

A student’s clinical assignment(s) may be some distance from a student’s home and up to 30 miles from the Roxbury campus. Clinical sites are Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Medical Center, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and New England Baptist Hospital & Mobile X/USA. Each student is responsible for providing his/her own transportation to and from these clinical sites.

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