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Career Support & Internships


A resume is your personal marketing toolIt requires periodic updates because it is a living document that grows along with your experiences. Spending the time to expertly craft a resume will help you market your skills, background, and experience to potential employers. Additionally, if you are planning to apply to an internship you may be required to submit a resume as part of the application process. In short, the purpose of your resume is to increase your chances of obtaining an interview. A good resume should compel recruiters to pick up the phone and call you in for an interview.  


Several factors that will affect how you develop your resume, including: 

  1. Your field of interest (i.e., healthcare vs. construction vs. information systems technology)
  2. The job category you are applying for (type of work performed)
  3. The stage or level you have reached in your career  

No matter where you are in your career, you will always need a concise way of communicating your achievements. To stand out among other applicants and move forward in a competitive job market you need a resume that markets your strengths and highlights your professional worth. Creating a solid resume now while you are a student will help you set the stage for your professional success. Do not wait until you are about to graduate to invest in developing an impactful resume. 


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