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After working hard on your job application materials, you receive an invitation for an interview. What do you do next? A great first step is scheduling a mock interview with Career Services. Career Services can help you communicate with confidence, refine your personal career branding portfolio, and help you to understand the importance of strategically interviewing for maximum return on your time and efforts. A mock interview allows you to get immediate feedback on your interviewing skills and valuable practice in a supportive environment.  

Whether you are conducting a first-round interview via Zoom or delivering a job talk in person, keep in mind that it is not just a chance to highlight your experiences, accomplishments, and skills. An interview is also an opportunity to show off your personality and enthusiasm for the position. Even the most experienced professionals can improve their interviewing skills. So, it does not matter if this is your first time interviewing for a professional job, or you are an experienced interviewee, you will want to take some to prepare for any interviewing opportunity that you have been presented with. 

For more information on interviewing feel free to review the interviewing handouts or contact career services at 



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