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Information Systems Technology Certificate

Information Systems Technology Certificate

The Information Systems Technology Department offers a Certificate in Information Systems Technology which is structured to help meet the career goals of individuals who at present have little or no academic or work-related background in computer programming. Upon completion of a Certificate in Information Systems Technology, students will be prepared to fill a variety of entry-level support positions in training, sales, or utilization of common workplace computer programs.

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Course Requirements

Semester One - Fall 2022 Credits
ACS102 The College Experience 3.00
IST110 or CIS102: Intro to Progr 3.00
IST120 or CIS141: Microcomp Apps 3.00
IST145 or CIS122: Visual Basic 3.00
Semester Three - Fall 2023
IST150 or CIS155: Web Dsgn Fluen 3.00
IST210 Soc Issues & Ethics 3.00
IST270 or CIS271: Java II 3.00
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