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Accounting Certificate

With RCC’s Accounting Certificate Program - You'll Be Primed for Entrepreneurial Success 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who needs to prepare financial records for your company, a business professional trying to better understand and contribute to your organization’s financial decisions and successful financial strategies, or someone who wants to make sense of your own finances, completing the Accounting Certificate Program at RCC can provide many benefits. Individuals that complete the Accounting Certificate learn how to create, maintain, and audit a detailed and accurate system that displays the finances of a business or organization. Through learning the basics of accounting, students will be prepared for entry-level careers in the high-demand field of financial services. 

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Course Requirements

Semester One - Fall 2022 Credits
ACS102 The College Experience 3.00
BUS101 Prin of Acct I 3.00
BUS221 Business Law 1 3.00
ENG101 English Comp. I 3.00
IST120 or CIS141: Microcomp Apps 3.00
Semester Two - Spring 2023 Credits
BUS102 Prin of Acct II 3.00
BUS103 Income Taxes 3.00
BUS104 Computerized Acct. 3.00
ENG102 English Comp. II 3.00
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