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Broadcast Media Technology Certificate

Broadcast Media Technology

This exciting certificate program is designed to introduce the basic core skills needed for students who wish to begin a career in Broadcast Radio or Television and not pursue a degree track. In addition to learning the latest in digital editing technology, students will use state-of-the-art equipment and develop, produce, and direct a short video project. Other techniques taught include synchronization, audio mixing, lighting, dubbing, and special effects production.

Certificate Programs - Broadcast Media Technology

Course Requirements

Semester One - Fall 2022 Credits
ACS102 The College Experience 3.00
BMT100 Intro to Prod/Directing 3.00
BMT120 Video Techniques 3.00
ENG101 English Comp. I 3.00
MAT103+ Math 103 or above 3.00
Semester Two - Spring 2023 Credits
BMT110 Television Production 3.00
BMT230 Intro. To Video Editing 3.00
HUMELECT Humanities Electives 3.00
HUMELECT Humanities Electives 3.00
Information on career opportunities coming soon! 

Certificate programs are designed to lead to immediate employment opportunities.  Any student interested in earning a degree at RCC and then transferring to a four-year school is encouraged to consider an associate degree program. 

Broadcast Media Technology
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Petty Professor Broadcast Media Technology 857-701-1102 1-001A
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