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Virtual Fitness Classes

We want to help you stay active and healthy, even though our building is closed. This spring, we're offering virtual fitness classes to help you stay in shape!  The cost is $30.00 per course for seniors, $90.00 per course for all other community members. The course schedule is posted below - we'll have more details on start dates and the sign-up process, soon!

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 Virtual Fitness Classes
Course Description - Health, strength and laughter are the main attributes of this program. The program increases the mind, body and soul of the seniors who take part. With 15 of the original members still participating and over the age of 90 this is proof the program enhances life. The foundation of the program is an extensive cardiovascular workout that gets seniors on feet so the blood flows, muscles move and lungs get stronger.
Course Description - Classes designed to meet the needs of senior & members, as well as those with disabilities. Level I and II includes weights and a standing dance segment. Level II has a longer standing session. The chair yoga will relax and relieve muscle tension.
Course Description - An advanced aerobic and muscular endurance workout. Mon./Wed./Fri. - 6:00pm-7:00pm (Free- Staff Only)
Course Description - Abs, Legs & Glutes is an at home workout program that focuses on strengthening and building the lower body for optimal performance using body weight exercises. No equipment necessary.
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