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Welcome to the RCC Learning Center!

The RCC Learning Center provides one-on-one tutoring for your college courses. Professional tutors are available on-campus and virtually, by appointment. Tutoring sessions can be 30 minutes – 1 hour long. 

WConline is our tutoring portal, where you can review the daily tutor schedule and set an appointment.  

In- PERSON APPOINTMENTS: Meetings will take place in the Learning Center in Building 3, 2nd floor, Room 203.  

VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS: Meetings will take place on video chat through a link in your appointment form in WConline.  

Academic Tutors

Tutors are available for all the Math courses, College Experience, English, Spanish, Arabic and French, Business courses, all the Science courses, and provide writing support for the Humanities, Social Science, Psychology, and Criminal Justice courses.   

Students can access up to 5 hours of tutoring each week. These sessions are an opportunity to review course materials and discuss the new concepts being learned. Successful students use tutoring to improve their grades and may choose to meet with a subject tutor on a weekly basis. 

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