reggie lewis mural inside the reggie lewis track and athletic center

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Reggie Lewis

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Reggie Lewis

As we celebrate 50 years of excellence at Roxbury Community College (RCC), it’s important to acknowledge and honor the life and legacy of Reggie Lewis, the former Celtics basketball legend who remains a hero in Roxbury and beyond.

reggie lewis collage with the reggie lewis track and athletic center, and two murals of reggie inside the center

Drafted by the Boston Celtics in the first round of the 1987 NBA draft, Lewis is often remembered and lauded for his success on the court.  At RCC and in our greater community, Reggie Lewis is first remembered for his kindness, generosity, and support.  Many residents had plentiful Thanksgiving meals thanks to Lewis’ Turkey Giveaway, which is one of many examples of his philanthropic work. Lewis, who first came to Boston to play for Northeastern University in 1983, remained committed to the Northeastern community and Greater Roxbury throughout his time in Boston.  

Reggie Lewis passed on July 27, 1993, yet his legacy lives on at RCC and through the Reggie Lewis Center.

The Reggie Lewis Center opened its doors in 1995 with a mission of serving as the statewide home of high school track & field, RCC athletics, and affordable wellness programs for the greater community.  Each year, thousands of MA residents and Roxbury residents visit the Reggie Lewis Center for activities and programs that promote athletics, fitness, and overall wellbeing.  Hundreds of local community organizations use the Reggie Lewis Center to provide free or no-cost resources to local residents.  The goal is for all Reggie Lewis Center activities to both fulfill the mission of the Center and honor the great legacy of Reggie Lewis.

To this day, Reggie Lewis’ family supports the missions of RCC and the Reggie Lewis Center.  Donna Harris-Lewis is one of RCC’s 50th anniversary co-chairs, and an incredible supporter of the College, the Center, RCC students, and the community.

While Reggie Lewis passed 30 years ago, the RCC community is proud to play a small part in honoring his commitment to Boston and continuing his commitment to serve those in need. 

a track meet at the reggie lewis center and a sensational seniors dance class

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