Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

Announcing RCC's 50 Pioneers

Announcing RCC's 50 Pioneers

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RCC Names 50 Pioneers in Celebration of 50th Anniversary

In recognition of our 50th Anniversary, Roxbury Community College (RCC) has named 50 Pioneers who have significantly contributed to the College’s success. The list includes 49 individuals nominated by the greater community, with the 50th Pioneer representing the collective contributions of the Greater Roxbury Community.

Each of the living Pioneers is having their portrait taken by renowned Boston photographer Lou Jones. The resulting Pioneer Portrait exhibit will be unveiled at the College on February 23, 2023.  The 50th pioneer representing the collective contributions of the Greater Roxbury Community will be honored through commissioned artwork by a renowned locally-based artist.  The artist will be announced at the Pioneer Portrait unveiling.

Pioneers were nominated and selected based on their leadership, academic contributions, excellence in student support, community influence and impact, innovation and achievement, and deep commitment to RCC’s values.

“The Pioneers are trailblazers who embody the values of RCC and played a leadership role in establishing and growing RCC,” says Jackie Jenkins-Scott, Interim President of RCC.  “I am honored to recognize the legacy of each pioneer as we celebrate 50 years of success while positioning the College for another 50+ years of excellence.”

The pioneers include notable alumni, faculty, staff members, educators, politicians, artists, community activists, journalists, and architects who have continually supported the growth and mission of RCC.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be part of this incredible group of people who have made RCC a place where leaders are created and dreams can thrive for students of all backgrounds,” says Pioneer Reverend Dr. Ray Hammond, RCC Foundation Board Chair and 50th Anniversary Committee Co-Chair.  Rev. Hammond formally joined the RCC community in 2019 as chair of the RCCF; under Rev. Hammond’s leadership, the RCCF has raised over $1.75 million in funding for RCC.


RCC’s 50 Pioneers

Royal Lee Bolling, Sr. 

Willie Booker 

Dr. Peggy Brown 

Atty. Wayne Budd 

Lisa Carter 

Elizabeth Clark 

Jane Cloutterbuck 

Dr. Angela Paige Cook & Reverend Joe Cook

Rep. James Craven, Jr. 

Michael Dukakis 

Judge Harry J. Elam, Sr. & Family

Faculty Founders - RCC Social Sciences Department 

Gloria Fox 

George {Chip} Greenidge, Jr. 

Reverend Dr. Ray Hammond  

Alfreda Harris 

Donna Harris-Lewis 

Judge Leslie Harris

Sherman Hart 

Haynes Family 

Ruth Hines

Michelle Howard-Harrell 

Napoleon Jones-Henderson

James Jennings 

Hubie Jones  

Lou Jones  

Sadiki Kambon

Sharif Abdal Khallaq

Joyce King 

Melvin H. King 

David Lee and Don Stull 

Pablo Llanos 

Keith McDermott

Jean McGuire

Dr. J. Keith Motley  

Melvin Miller 

John D. O'Bryant  

Dr. Everest Onuoha 

William "Bill" Owens 

Justin A. Petty 

Kyrsis Rodriguez 

Byron Rushing

Sarah-Ann Shaw 

John Curtis Thomas 

Charlie Titus 

Steve Tompkins 

Charles "Chuck" Turner 

Dianne Wilkerson  

Atty. Nunotte Zama 

The Collective Contributions of the Greater Roxbury Community – to be honored through commissioned artwork  


We thank each pioneer for their contributions to Roxbury Community College.  We look forward to unveiling each pioneer portrait on February 23, 2023!  Additional details and RSVP information will be available soon.

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