April Andrew

April Andrew

A note from the Honors Program: April is a self-taught artist whose first formal instruction in painting took place during the fall 2013 offering of Painting I led by Prof. Vasilki Belezos for which she has earned Honors credit. Based on the body of work April produced for Painting I, she has a very promising career as an artist which also includes experience in musical theatre and poetry. April is continuing on an Honors track during the spring 2014 semester as a student in Prof. Mark Kjellman's Honors Colloquium, an interdisciplinary course focusing on Myths and Global Cinema. Her creative talents will be featured in an equaling compelling honors project for Prof. Kjellman's course that will be shared during Honors Presentations Day on May 5, 2014.

April's Honors Project
Project Title: "Free Blacks in Liberia"

The project is a painting series created to reflect the experience of freed slaves who migrated to Liberia in 1816 to seek a less racially oppressive environment.

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April's Biography
April Andrew is a Liberal Arts Major who is interested in practicing art therapy and teaching self-expression to children and adolescents. She plans to transfer to Emerson College or UMass Boston after she completes her Associates Degree at RCC where she will design a curriculum that caters to visual learning.