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Shaoyu Chang


A note from the Honors Program: Shaoyu Chang distinguished himself as the only student who delivered two Honors Presentations at the recent Honors Presentations Day event in December 2013: SCI 207 Biomanufacturing II (SCI 207) and Microeconomics (SSI 221). His drive to excel academically was realized through RCC’s Honors Program whereas his earlier experience at a community College in North Carolina did not provide a platform for his scholarship to be featured. We are glad that he seized the opportunity to showcase his intellectual abilities at RCC!

Shaoyu’s Honors Projects

1. Biomanufacturing II (SCI 207)
Project Title: “Biomanufacturing and Phospholipase D signaling”
Phospholipase D is an important enzyme that mediates survival signals in normal cells as well as cancer cells. The student performed a literature review to understand the biology and therapeutic potential of phospholipase D and proposed a protocol to examine the enzyme using RCC's bioreactor.

2. Microeconomics (SSI 221)
Project Title: “Health Products: A Microeconomic Perspective”
Many people use health products to improve their health without thinking about their risks and benefits. The student conducted a short survey to understand how the RCC community uses health products and compare his findings to literature.

Shaoyu Chang’s Biography:

Shaoyu Chang transferred from North Carolina to RCC in spring 2013 and is now a biotechnology student expecting to graduate in spring 2014. Originally from Taiwan, Shaoyu is deeply interested in the biopharmaceutical field. From summer 2013 through fall 2013, Shaoyu interned at Edimer Pharmaceuticals, a Cambridge-based biotechnology company, where he acquired skills in genomic analysis and regulatory operations. Meanwhile, he continued his quest for academic excellence by completing two honors projects and winning the student poster award at American Public Health Association annual meeting in one semester. After finishing his associate degree, Shaoyu aspires to start his career in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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