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Indoor American Records

Courtesy of (last updated 2/23/2017)

Event Performance Name (Affiliation) Location Date
60m 6.39 Maurice Greene (Nike) Atlanta 3/03/01
200m 20.31 Coby Miller (Nike) Atlanta 3/03/01
400m 44.63 Michael Johnson (Nike International) Atlanta 3/04/95
800m 1:46.60 Derrick Peterson (adidas) New York 3/02/02
1500m 3:40.80 Rob Myers (Unat.) Boston 2/28/04
Mile 3:52.99 Noureddine Morceli (Algeria) New York 2/22/91
3,000m 7:38.60 Ryan Hill (Bowerman TC) Portland 3/12/16
60m Hurdles 7.37 Terrence Trammell (Trackstar App) Boston 3/01/09
5,000m Race Walk 18:53.25 Guillaume LeBlanc (CAN) New York 2/26/88
4x400m Relay 3:04.32 University of Oklahoma Atlanta 3/01/97
High Jump 2.38m/7-9.75 Matt Hemingway (Team US West) Atlanta 3/04/00
Pole Vault 5.96m/19-6.5 Lawrence Johnson (adidas) Atlanta 3/03/01
Long Jump 8.59m/28-2.25 Miguel Pate (Alabama) New York 3/02/02
Triple Jump 17.76m/58-3.25 Mike Conley (Tyson TC) New York 2/27/87
Shot Put 22.23m/72-11.25 Ryan Whiting (Nike) Albuquerque 2/23/14
Weight Throw 25.86m/84-10.25 Lance Deal (New York AC) Atlanta 3/04/95


Event Performance Name (Affiliation) Location Date
60m 6.99 Gail Devers (Nike International) New York 2/26/93
200m 22.33 Gwen Torrence (Mizuno TC) Atlanta 3/02/96
400m 50.71 Sanya Richards-Ross (Nike) Albuquerque 2/26/12
800m 1:58.41 Maria Mutola (Mozambique) Atlanta 3/04/95
1500 4:03.08 Mary Slaney (Nike) Atlanta 3/04/97
Mile 4:25.92 Regina Jacobs (NYAC) Atlanta 3/04/00
3,000m 8:40.45 Lynn Jennings (Nike Inter.) New York 2/23/90
60m Hurdles 7.74 Gail Devers (Nike) Boston 3/01/03
3,000m Race Walk 12:28.32 Michelle Rohl (Moving Comfort) Atlanta 3/03/01
4x400m Relay 3:35.49 University of Nebraska Atlanta 3/04/00
High Jump 2.02m/6-7.5 Chaunte Lowe (Nike) Albuquerque 2/26/12
Pole Vault 5.02m/16-5.5 Jenn Suhr (adidas) Albuquerque 3/02/13
Long Jump 7.32m/24-0.25 Heike Drechsler (GDR) New York 2/27/87
Triple Jump 14.23m/46-8.25 Sheila Hudson (Reebok RC) Atlanta 3/04/95
Shot Put 20.23m/66-4.5 Ilona Briesenick (GDR) Princeton 2/27/87
Weight Throw 24.78m/81-3.75 Amber Campbell (Nike) Albuquerque 2/25/12