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Food and Drink Policy :


  • Small snacks
  • Covered drinks


Not Allowed:

  • Drinks without covers
  • Greasy/smelly food or Meals: e.g. deli, takeout
  • Food or drink next to computers


Leave no trace, throw away trash, report spills and respect others. Those not complying will have to leave the library.

The Library is reserved for quiet study. Due to the nature of our open study spaces, we do not support group study efforts, except in the Group Study Rooms. Use the library's Group Study Rooms or other designated student activities areas located throughout the RCC campus to study in small groups, to visit with classmates, and for informal discussion of a personal nature. Please respect each patron's right to a quiet study area.  Students will be asked to leave the library if excessive noise disturbs other students.  To maintain a quiet study environment, the use of personal devices at a loud volume is prohibited.  Talking on cell phones is not allowed in the library; please answer all calls outside of the library.  

Library computers are to be used to access the HELM online catalog and to facilitate research through the use of the Library's electronic databases. Patrons are not allowed to use the computers for gaming, chat rooms or any illegal activities. Patrons violating these rules initially will be asked to leave the Library's computer area. Repeated violations will result in an RCC Security Officer being called to the scene. Students must sign in at a computer using their RCC username (first initial + middle initial + last name) and their password (first four digits of Student ID number + last two digits of year of birth + uppercase first initial + lowercase last name initial). Students are then allotted one hour on a computer. Students may request an additional hour if no other student has signed up for research time. Patrons are not allowed to upload any program to the Library computers or change any Library computer configuration. A printer is available for student use. Every student gets $20.00 placed into their account for printing each semester.

The Library upholds policies outlined in the RCC Student Manual regarding plagiarism and defacement/damage to college property. It also upholds Article III: Proscribed Conduct of the Massachusetts Community Colleges Model Student Disciplinary Code (i.e. specifically Item B sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 15, 16). The Library may inspect your bags upon entrance and exit from the facility. Damage done to Library property will be charged to the patron responsible.

Under no circumstances are children of any age to be left unattended in the library. If children are left unattended, a librarian will call security. Children under three years of age are not allowed in the Library unless participating in a college-related activity supervised by two adults or accompanied by an adult who does not intend to stay in the Library for more than five minutes. 

If the Library's security alarm system sounds as a Library patron exits the Library, we reserve the right to recall the patron and inspect his or her belongings.

Please do not return materials to the bookshelves. Return all books and all other materials to the Circulation Desk or to "Return Stations" located throughout the Library.

Materials in the Library are protected under the copyright laws. Any duplication, outside of copyright specifications, without permission from the author(s), producer(s) is subject to legal action as deemed necessary by federal law. For information about the copyright laws, inquire at the Circulation Desk.

There is a $1.00 replacement fee charged for anyone who loses their RCC Library barcode.

Gift Policy: The RCC staff gratefully acknowledges those wishing to donate materials to the library. We reserve the right to select only those materials that will enhance the curricula of the college and to dispose of any remaining material by way of donations to area booksellers or other appropriate means.


Group Study Room Policies:

The RCC library wants to make these rooms available to as many RCC students as possible. If your request violates any of these guidelines, it will be canceled.

  • Group study rooms are for the use of current RCC students.
  • Rooms are available for groups of two to five.
  • Users will only be allowed entry when the group arrives.
  • Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of 2 hours at a time.
  • Rooms may be reserved no more than 2 weeks in advance.
  • You are allowed to reserve a room a maximum of 4 times within 2 weeks.
  • Rooms allow one advance reservation per person, per day.
  • Room reservations may be renewed if the room is available.
  • Rooms are only available during library hours.
  • If your group does not arrive within 15 minutes of the reservation start time, your reservation may be canceled.

Reserving a group study room

Please review the guidelines above before reserving. If your request violates any of the reservation guidelines, your reservation will be canceled.

Please visit the circulation desk and present your RCC Student ID to make a reservation.

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