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RCC Response to OSA Performance Audit

College response to the Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor (OSA) performance audit for the period July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2019

Earlier today, the Office of State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump (OSA) released the findings of the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center (RLTAC) FY18 – FY19 audit.

Roxbury Community College (RCC) is in compliance with state regulations and requirements for the running and operations of the RLTAC. The audit, which evaluated progress as of June 30, 2019, does not reflect the College’s recent improvements. In fact, all four issues cited in the auditor’s report have now been fully resolved.

The issues raised by the audit are partly due to a lack of appropriate funding. Budget analysis of the years audited shows that the College absorbs over $1 million in RLTAC direct operational costs per year that are not covered by the state appropriation or revenue generated by RLTAC events. We will make adjustments to cover the costs of high school track meets but will need to seek additional funds so that the College does not have to continue to carry these costs.

RCC has improved operations and has hired a new Executive Vice President, with past experience in the auditor’s office, as well as a new Chief Financial Officer and human resources professionals. All have the proper expertise and knowledge to ensure that procedures are conducted and documented properly, including the running of SORI checks on all RLTAC personnel. RCC has invested in the appropriate technology to manage all events records electronically so they are securely saved and easily located.

RCC is committed to running the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center, which is an important institution in our community. Beyond athletics, we've been able to use the facility in important ways, including providing space to administer more than 164,000 COVID-19 vaccinations during the pandemic, as well as job fairs that connect people in our community with opportunities. Over the past eight years, Roxbury Community College has seen the stabilization of finances as well as the advancement of academic programs that prepare students for transfer and provide opportunities for our students to gain job skills necessary to uplift themselves, their families and the community.

--Dr. Valerie Roberson, Roxbury Community College President


About Roxbury Community College:

Founded in 1973, Roxbury Community College (RCC) is a comprehensive, multicultural, urban, student-centered, open-access community college. RCC offers associates degree and certificate programs, online courses, corporate and community education programs, and lifelong learning programs. For more information on Roxbury Community College, visit

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