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Math Support


The Learning Center is now in 3-203

Math tutoring is available in the Learning Center (Room 3-203) for all levels of math offered at RCC.  Individual appointments can be made at the Learning Center or through Tutoring is available in Basic Math, Algebra, Statistics, Pre-calculus and Calculus.  Additional tutoring is available for the math encountered in science courses, nutrition and calculations for nursing.  Students can make individual appointments or come with a classmate to a math tutoring session.

Study Groups in Algebra, Statistics and Pre-Calculus are offered each semester and facilitated by math tutors from the Learning Center.

Students interested in an independent math boot camp for an assessment of math skills and a self-paced review of arithmetic and beginning algebra, please contact Joyce Atkinson, Coordinator of Learning Resources in the Learning Center (3-203) or send an email for a one hour appointment to


Video Playlists for English and Math

Playlists for Arithmetic, Algebra, and English can be found here:
Click on the  icon to get the playlist. Then choose the video you want to watch in the box to the right.      

For additional online support in math, take a look at the following websites: