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Proctoring services for RCC Instructors

Proctoring services for RCC Instructors

 The RCC Testing Center can proctor exams for individual students doing makeups or taking exams with accommodations. 

We use an online service called Register Blast for faculty submissions and student registrations.

New to RegisterBlast?

Please send an email from your RCC email account to Please include your full name, the department you teach for, and a phone number where you may be reached.

Further instructions will be emailed to you, usually within 1 business day. Video: RegisterBlast Instructions for RCC Faculty


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Hard copy/email submissions

We accept hard copy or email submissions, as long as the Drop Off Sheet is attached. 
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About The Testing Center

  • Students are expected to arrive on time for appointments. If a student arrives too late to receive the full amount of time permitted for the exam, the student may not be able to test and may need to reschedule.
  • Test takers will be marked as no-shows after 30 minutes and may need to reschedule.
  • All test takers are required to store personal items, including all electronics, in the lockers in the Testing Reception area.
  • Whiteboards and dry erase markers are normally provided to students for calculations. If students need scratch paper to take your exam it can be provided but you must request it in your instructions.
  • A limited number of basic and scientific calculators are available for test takers.
  • Any exam aids not explicitly noted in the instructions from faculty will not be permitted.

Paper-Pencil Exams-Testing Lab Procedures

Proctors fill out the test timing slip for the student before the exam, using the instructions submitted by faculty. The test timing slip is left with the student at the testing station, and will be collected with the exam. Large digital clocks are in the Testing Lab visible from all seats for students to track their time.

Students are responsible for adhering to the time limit set by the instructor.

If it is your policy to deduct points for going over time please inform students in advance or include those instructions on the exam itself. The timing slip will be attached to the exam when it is returned to the instructor. 

Large Group Exams

There are 23 stations in 3-217. Generally we cannot reserve all seats for group exams as seats must be available for ongoing tests such as College Placement. Occasionally smaller groups may be tested in the lab. Email if you have a group testing request. 

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