Massachusetts Community Colleges Announce Vaccine Requirement by January 2022: Click here to learn more.

Please click here for information on the COVID-19 vaccine. Click here for up-to-date information on Campus Access.

Masks required inside all RCC buildings!

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Clery Campus Security Authorities (CSAs)


All College faculty and staff are considered Responsible Employees, and as such, are required to report crime or knowledge of a crime to a Campus Security Authority.

Even if you are the least bit uncertain, report the crime or suspected crime to a Campus Security Authority (CSA).

RCC's Campus Security Authorities are:

Name Email Phone
David Albanese 857-701-1254
Jamila Beasley 857-701-1312
Robyn Shahid-Bellot 857-701-1494
Joshua Crary 857-701-1410
Aneesa Nichols 857-701-1200
Salvador Pina 857-701-1604
Hillel Sims 857-701-1501
Kandley Val 857-701-1207
Sherman Hart 857-701-1707
David Jordan 857-701-1707
Loretta Minor 857-701-1424
Cecile Regner 857-701-1272
Sandra Knight 857-701-1294
Lisa Carter 857-701-1277
Christopher Lewis 857-701-1223
Mimosa Nguyen-Ha 857-701-1415
Jeff Van Dreason 857-701-1451
Braima Samati 857-701-1718