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As I begin my fifth year as president of Roxbury Community College, I am invigorated by the energy surrounding the opening of our new spaces. This energy was especially palpable at our recent Ribbon-Cutting, where we celebrated the completion of... Read more
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Tuition & Fees

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Resident Tuition/Fees per credit ($26/$140)  $ 166.00
Regional Tuition/Fees per credit ($39/$140)  $ 179.00
International & Non-Resident Tuition/Fees per credit ($247/$140)  $ 387.00
Technology Fee (per credit)  $ 10.00
Operations Fee (per semester)  $ 35.00
Registration Fee Non-refundable (per semester)   $ 25.00
Student Activities Fee (per semester)  $ 40.00
Student Health Insurance**   varies 
Application Fees  
Applicant Fee - All residents - online  $    -
Application Fee (In-state residents, Paper Application) Non-refundable   $ 10.00
Application Fee (Out-of-state residents, Paper Application) Non-refundable  $ 35.00
Application Fee (International students, Paper Application) Non-refundable.  $ 35.00
Official Transcript Fee (per transcript)  $ 10.00
Additional Transcript Fee (per transcript)  $ 2.00
Registered Nurse Course Fees  
One-Time Enrollment Fee  $ 350.00
Nursing Program Fee/per Semester     $ 285.00
Practical Nurse Course Fees  
One-Time Enrollment Fee  $ 350.00
Nursing Program Fee/per Semester     $ 285.00
Rad Tech Course Fees  
One-Time Enrollment Fee  $ 350.00
Rad Tech Course Fee/per course    $ 100.00
 HLT 150 - Introduction to Radiologic Technology - $100  
 HLT 152 - Basic Radiologic Procedures - $100  
 HLT 171 - Radiologic Instrumentation  - $100  
 HLT 172 - Intermediate Rad Procedures - $100  
 HLT 250 - Fundamentals of Radiobiology - $100  
 HLT 252 - Advanced Radiographic Procedures - $100  
Additional Course Fees  
BMT 100 - Introduction to Producing & Directing  $ 40.00
BMT 120 - Video Techniques  $ 40.00
BMT 210 - Advanced TV Production  $ 40.00
BMT 230 - Intro to Video Editing  $ 40.00
BMT 235 - Advanced Video Editing  $ 40.00
BUS 101 - Principles of Accounting I  $ 35.00
BUS 102 - Principles of Accounting II  $ 35.00
BUS 103 - Income Taxes  $ 35.00
BUS 104 - Computerized Accounting  $ 35.00
BUS 201 - Intermediate Accounting I  $ 35.00
BUS 203 - Cost Accounting  $ 35.00
EGR 120 - Engineering Computations I  $ 35.00
EGR 135 - Engineering Fundamentals  $ 35.00
EGR 220 - Engineering Computations II  $ 35.00
HUM 105 - Piano Keyboarding I  $ 35.00
HUM 106 - Piano Keyboarding II  $ 35.00
HUM 109 - Vocal Performance Workshop I  $ 35.00
HUM 141 - Acting I  $ 35.00
HUM 124 - Acting II  $ 35.00
HUM 163 - Photography I  $ 35.00
HUM 165 - Drawing I  $ 35.00
HUM 166 - Drawing II  $ 35.00
HUM 167 - Sculpture I  $ 35.00
IST 110 - IT Problem Solving  $ 40.00
IST 115 - PC Configuration & Management I  $ 40.00
IST 116 - PC Configuration & Management II  $ 40.00
IST 120 - Microcomputer Applications  $ 40.00
IST 121 - Advanced Microcomputer Applications  $ 40.00
IST 130 - Linux Operating Systems  $ 40.00
IST 140 - Introduction to Networking  $ 40.00
IST 141 - Wireless Networking  $ 40.00
IST 145 - Visual Basic  $ 40.00
IST 150 - Web Design Fluency  $ 40.00
IST 151 - Web Development & Design II  $ 40.00
IST 160 - Introduction to Game Design  $ 40.00
IST 170 - JAVA I  $ 40.00
IST 180 - Computer Science I  $ 40.00
IST 220 - Systems Analysis & Design  $ 40.00
IST 230 - Relational Databases  $ 40.00
IST 240 - Network Security  $ 40.00
IST 241 - Network Design  $ 40.00
IST 251 - Internet Programming  $ 40.00
IST 270 - JAVA II  $ 40.00
IST 280 - Computer Science II  $ 40.00
IST 281 - Data Structure & Algorithms  $ 40.00
MAT 088 - Introduction to Algebra  $ 35.00
MAT 099 - Intermediate Algebra  $ 35.00
MAT 103 - PreCalculus  $ 140.00
MAT 111 - Mathematics for Technology  $ 35.00
SCI 099 - General Science  $ 40.00
SCI 101 - Intro to Human Body I  $ 40.00
SCI 102 - Intro to Human Body II  $ 40.00
SCI 103 - Biology I  $ 40.00
SCI 104 - Biology II  $ 40.00
SCI 106 - Nutrition  $ 40.00
SCI 109 - Human Biology & Medical Terminology  $ 40.00
SCI 121 - General Chemistry I  $ 40.00
SCI 122 - General Chemistry II  $ 40.00
SCI 123 - Principles of Chemistry I  $ 40.00
SCI 124 - Principles of Chemistry II  $ 40.00
SCI 133 - Environmental Science  $ 40.00
SCI 141 - Physics I  $ 40.00
SCI 142 - Physics II  $ 40.00
SCI 143 - Principles of Physics I  $ 40.00
SCI 144 - Principles of Physics II  $ 40.00
SCI 151 - Integrated Science: Energy  $ 40.00
SCI 201 - Anatomy & Physiology I  $ 40.00
SCI 202 - Anatomy & Physiology II  $ 40.00
SCI 204 - Microbiology  $ 50.00
SCI 206 - Biomanufacturing I  $ 50.00
SCI 207 - Biomanufacturing II  $ 50.00
SCI 208 - Techniques in Molecular Biology  $ 50.00
SCI 281 - Research Science I  $ 50.00
SSI 120 - State & Local Politics  $ 35.00
TEC 121 - Introduction to Engineering Design AutoCAD  $ 35.00
TEC 122 - Engineering Design II  $ 35.00
Corporate and Community Education  
Non-Credit Courses (please see links below)  Varies
Corporate and Community Education Programs   
Lifelong Learning Programs  


* All tuition and fees are subject to revision by Roxbury Community College's Board of Trustees

** Students enrolled in nine (9) credits or more per semester are required to enroll in the Massachusetts Community College Health Insurance Plan unless they can provide proof that they are covered by another comparable health insurance policy and waive their insurance charge. Free care is not considered a comparable insurance plan. Insurance waivers are due in accordance with the deadlines set by the Business Office on your bill.

*** Kaplan Fees for Nursing students are subject to change by Kaplan Inc.

Tuition and fees for all credit courses are the same whether offered by the Day Division or by the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) during the evenings and on weekends. Costs for non-credit courses vary. For information about tuition and fees for credit courses, contact the Business Office.

For information about non-credit courses, contact the Division of Continuing Education. All tuition and fees may be subject to change.

Health Insurance:

Massachusetts General Law (Chapter 23) requires that any student registered for 9 or more credits must be enrolled in a health insurance plan. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires you to submit your health insurance information to the College via online electronic submission. Please log onto: www.gallagherstudent.com/RCC

Students who are taking fewer than nine credits at Roxbury Community College are not required to enroll in the health insurance plan.

If you enroll for the fall semester, you have until November 3rd to complete the health insurance waiver process. Students who enroll for the spring semester have until March 4th. Failure to waive the health insurance charge by the approved deadline will result in the insurance charges remaining on your bill. Students who do not have a qualified health insurance plan are required to enroll in the Massachusetts Community College Health Insurance Plan. This plan covers health services outside of the College.

MassHealth may qualify as a comparable coverage, but that determination is made by MassHealth. Free care that is provided by hospitals and community health centers does not qualify as adequate coverage.


At the time of registration, students receive a billing statement and a class schedule that indicates the amount charged and dates that payments are due. Students must pay all bills by the due date appearing on the bill. Students who register on or after the due date must pay at the time of registration. The College accepts payment by Personal check, Money order, Traveler's checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX. A payment plan is also available. RCC payment plans require a 50% down payment at the time of registration. Failure to keep payment plans in good standing will result in no future payment plans and full payment at the time of registration.

Tuition Waivers:

Several kinds of tuition waivers are available to Roxbury Community College students. These waivers include, but are not limited to, National Guard Members, Veterans, Senior Citizens, Native Americans, State Employees, and Wards of the State. In order to receive a tuition waiver, students must present the waivers at the time of registration or before the first day of class. If the waiver is presented after the first day of class, the College will make no adjustment. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not fund all courses; therefore, the use of certain waivers for those unsubsidized courses will be restricted.

Students with approved tuition waivers, tuition remissions, or tuition vouchers may register on a space-available basis, and fees must be paid. Tuition waivers, tuition remission or tuition vouchers do not apply to special programs, seminars or private instruction administered by the Corporate and Community Education. Also, certain tuition waivers, which apply to the state-supported Day Division, may not apply or be reduced for Division of Continuing Education programs (credit courses).


We are happy to serve our Veterans. Please visit www.gibill.va.gov or contact your nearest VA representative (V.A. Buffalo: 888-442-4551) in order to obtain your Certificate of Benefits. Please bring a printed copy of your paper work that confirms your status as a current or former member of the United States Armed Forces (example: DD 214), waivers, Orders, and proof of health insurance to the Registrar's Office, Administration Building, Room 102.

Please visit http://www.gibill.va.gov/GI_Bill_Info/CH33/Post-911.htm for information concerning the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Please contact the Registrar's Office for further information and a Veteran's package. If you are a CURRENT MEMBER OF THE MASSACHUSETTS NATIONAL GUARD, please visit the following website http://mro.chs.state.ma.us/tuition/login.aspx for instructions on how to receive your tuition and fee waiver. Finally, all veterans must complete the admissions process and provide proof of high school diploma or GED.

Financial Obligations:

Students are expected to meet their financial obligations to the College. In order to receive official transcripts and other documents of the College, as well as participate in commencement ceremonies and future registration activities, students must have met all academic and financial obligations.


Students who officially withdraw from a course or from the College early in the semester will not receive a refund based on the College's withdrawal policy and refund schedule (see refund policy below). Failure to attend class does not constitute official withdrawal from a course or from the College and students will be charged for their enrollment.

To officially withdraw from a course, a student must complete a Withdrawal Form (available at the advising center), which requires the approval and signature of an academic advisor. This form must then be submitted to the enrollment center and business office. Please see the financial aid office so that you are aware of how your withdrawal affects you financial aid award.

Refund Policy:

Students dropping or withdrawing from classes must complete the appropriate form available in the Advising Center, Building 3, Room 219. Failure to withdraw officially results in a grade of "F" in the course and an obligation to pay in full. The schedule of refunds for tuition and general college fees outlined in this handbook applies only when proper withdrawal or class drop procedures have been adhered to, as established by the Enrollment Services Center. Application fees and registration fees are non-refundable. Lack of attendance or course abandonment does not constitute a drop or withdrawal.

The Refund Policy applies to tuition and fees for all students who register for one or more courses at RCC. This policy goes into effect on the first day of classes for each semester.

You may add or drop classes during the ADD/DROP period without charge. The official start and end dates of the ADD/DROP period can be found on the Academic Calendar (Last Day for Schedule Changes).

Refund policy rules:

Withdrawal during ADD/DROP period 100% tuition and fees, less $25 registration fee All courses will be deleted from the student's transcript
After the ADD/DROP period ends No refund Withdrawal (W) will appear on student's transcript
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