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How to register

The procedure for registering for an Online Course is the same as registering for an on-campus course. Please see your advisor and discuss whether an online class is right for you, then register.  The earlier the better!

It is critical that at the time of registration that you provide a valid phone number. Also, you MUST activate your roxbury.edu e-mail account.  This e-mail is used by your instructor to send your online course login information, and by Roxbury Community College to communicate important information regarding courses and events at the school.

Massachusetts College Online
Massachusetts Colleges Online (MCO) offers courses made available for brokering by the other community colleges in Massachusetts. All brokered courses are fully online and will have a section code of DB.

You can rest assured that these courses meet the same high academic standards as on-campus offerings, and will be respected in the academic world as well as in the workplace.

If there is a course at RCC that is not being offered and is required for your major, please see your academic advisor the semester before you want to take the class so that RCC can broker the course. Unfortunately, last minute requests for courses during the current semester cannot be accommodated.


Please make sure you check your email regularly, read your course syllabus, and your contact information on record is correct so that RCC and your instructor can get in touch with you. Online courses are not easy classes that you can breeze through or catch up with the coursework at the last minute.

Brokered online courses require you to be very disciplined about your work, take on more responsibility for your success in the course, and to take initiative to contact the instructor immediately when there is a problem.