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The Language Department consists of 2 full-time faculty and many adjunct faculty members. They speak Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Quechua. They are members of state and national professional organizations in which they participate regularly as presenters and in leadership positions; they are also active in curriculum development, research and text-book writing. Many also extend the College's good will through volunteer work in the community in conjunction with social services and human rights organizations.


english Andrew English, Department Chair
Office: Room 3-301F
Phone: 857-701-1371
Email: aenglish@rcc.mass.edu
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Sue Susan Kalt
Office: Room 3-301F
Phone: 857-701-1372
Email: skalt@rcc.mass.edu
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Veronica McCormack


Professor of ESOL

Professor Veronica McCormack has a Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from California State University, Fullerton. She also has a TESOL Certificate from CSUF. She speaks Spanish, which she studied in Mexico and Portuguese, which she learned while living in Brazil.

Professor McCormack has been teaching at RCC since 1987. Professor McCormack is especially interested in content instruction, making learning as meaningful and relevant as possible for each person in her class.

Contact Information:
Office: Room 201 F
Phone: 617 427-0060 X5127
Email: vmccormack@rcc.mass.edu
Address: Language Department, 1234 Columbus Ave, 02120-3400

Office hours:

Syllabus: (Spring 2014)

Andrew K. English

english Professor/Language Department Chair
M.A. TESOL Teacher’s College, Columbia University, 1980

Professor English has taught English as a Second Language at R.C.C. since 1990. In the Boston area, he has also taught at Bunker Hill Community College and Showa Women’s Institute. In addition, Professor English has spent many years overseas teaching in Colombia and Spain. Professor English is the co-author of NorthStar- Focus on Reading and Writing 4. He has just completed working on the fourth edition of this text.


Contact Information:
Office: 3-201 E
Phone: 617-427-0060 ext. 5120
Email: aenglish@rcc.mass.edu
Address: Language Department, 1234 Columbus Ave, 02120-3400

Office hours:


Syllabus: (Fall 2015)

Sterling Giles


Professor/Outgoing Coordinator of Achieving the Dream at RCC

Ed.M., Boston University

Professor Giles is teaching in the Student Success Division again this semester and continues his involvement with the Achieving the Dream initiative.

Sterling is particularly interested in pronunciation and the intersection of listening with natural vs. analytical language learning processes.


Contact Information:
Phone: 617- 427- 0060, x5125
Office: 201 C in the Academic Building
E-mail: sgiles@rcc.mass.edu

Office Hours:


Susan Kalt

SueProfessor of Spanish
Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Southern California (2002) M.A. in Education, University of Massachusetts (1990)
Phone: 617-427-0060 x 5102
Office: 3-201A
Email: skalt@rcc.mass.edu

Professor Kalt has taught Spanish and Honors courses at Roxbury Community College since 2006. She has also taught Linguistics and ESOL at Boston College, Boston University, University of Massachusetts at Boston, and the University of Southern California. She co-created interactive language learning materials for the Disney’s World of English LeapPad which are widely used by children in Asia.

Since 2008 she has worked intensively on and offsite in Peru and Bolivia as a National Endowment for the Humanities fellow, recipient of an award to develop and promote indigenous language curricula from the Foundation for Endangered Languages, London, and independent researcher. Her current research focuses on sequential language acquisition of Quechua and Spanish in Bolivia and Peru.

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