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Artist statement for exhibition at Roxbury Community College “Road Warrior”

To satisfy a persistent inquisitiveness that began sometime in my adolescence I have been roaming the world to see & meet new cultures. Some literary pundits call it wanderlust, farsickness. At a certain point I figured out how to add photography to justify my obsession.
Magazines, television, movies & books opened up a vast, alien, unimaginable universe. From an early age I wanted to see for myself.

A life changing realization that what I was being taught by my leaders, teachers, mentors, parents & friends was largely false. Whether they were cliches, fantasies or just misinformation being passed along or foisted on the public by lethargy or agenda, they were wrong...intentionally or accidentally.


RCC Mainstage Theater presents "The Glass Menagerie"

Artistic Director Robbie McCauley takes on Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie this fall.  This early work is one of Williams’ signature plays .McCauley has wanted to take on the play for a while.  Director, actor, teacher and writer,  McCauley’s  credits include Roxbury Community College and Emerson College’s Twelve Angry Jurors, The Crucible, A Streetcar Named Desire, and the African American Theatre Festival’s Ascension by Cynthia Robinson. 


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