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Inter-Library Cooperation

Roxbury Community College Library has several cooperative arrangements with other libraries.

  • Its primary group is the Metro Boston Library Network (MBLN), a group of public, school, academic and special libraries, headquartered at the Boston Public Library. RCC obtains cataloging and circulation infrastructure and services at significant reduction in price than was possible when RCC was a stand alone library several years ago. There is a dedicated T1 communication line linking the BPL with RCC for quick response time between them.
  • Because of the MBLN membership, RCC can take advantage of daily pickup and delivery of books and other materials exchanged with other libraries using the library van, run by the MLS, to which RCC also belongs.
  • In addition, RCC library belongs to the Fenway Libraries Organization (FLO) , a group of ten academic libraries and four affiliate members. Membership allows all members of the RCC community to free access and borrowing rights at all of these academic institutions.
  • The library also belongs to the Massachusetts Commonwealth Consortium of Libraries in Public Higher Education Institutions (MCCLPHEI). This provides deep reductions in the purchase of databases using the leverage of these twenty-nine institutions--community colleges, four-year colleges and the several campuses of the University of Massachusetts.


Other Library Catalogs

  • If you cannot find the book you need in the RCC Library, try the Boston Public Library or another community college or state college library. All state residents may borrow from the Boston Public Library. You can use your RCC ID to borrow from any state run college library. Here is a list of Other Library Catalogs.