Internet Access

Internet access is provided throughout campus. All computers in the labs are hardwired for internet. If you are using your laptop, you can connect to one our wireless access points. If you are having any issues with your wireless connection, we can help. Just stop by ITS department at room 333 – Academic building.

Free Wi-Fi Wireless–The free Wi-Fi is accessible to anyone with a computer equipped with a Wi-Fi network card. Internet browsing is the only resource that is available to users on the Free Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi service is open to students, faculty, staff and to the Roxbury Community.

Secure Wireless Network – The Secure Wireless Network is for RCC Faculty and Staff only. Most of the areas within the College are covered by wireless access points. The access code can be received from the IT Department upon request.

File Services –ITS department does not offer any storage to students. Please bring your own flash drives to save your files.