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Hands-on learning is an essential component of academic success at Roxbury Community College. Through a variety of computer labs, Roxbury Community College students become active learners, engaging in practice, simulation, and demonstration that enhances the educational experience in biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, Health Sciences, computers, CAD, office practices and procedures, math, English, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and foreign languages such as Spanish, French and Arabic. These labs (links to labs) which are located in the Academic building, facilitate independent study, and help prepare students for advanced education and career opportunities.

Macintosh Multimedia Lab

Computer Lab
Writing Center
Computer Lab  
Language Lab
Computer Lab
Math Clinic
Computer Lab
Teaching Learning Center
Computer Lab
Center for Academic Technology
Testing Lab
Health Sciences Computer Lab
Timothy Smith Network Computer
Cisco Lab
Computer Lab
Cisco Lab

Technology plays an important role in learning at Roxbury Community College. Our computer labs feature state-of-the art equipment and materials that enhance learning and encourage critical and analytical thinking. Our computer labs are equipped to meet the demands of today's most widely used software applications. Labs feature both PC and Macintosh systems and laser printers.  Thecombination of open-access lab environments ensures that RCC students have ample opportunity to learn new technology skills and practice what they have learned.

To be effective and efficient computer lab users, all RCC students must attend a computer lab orientation that introduces lab policies, procedures, standards and a general overview of our systems' operating environment. In addition, we encourage students to participate in conveniently scheduled workshops that introduce office software packages, the college's standard software programs for word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation applications. Students are encouraged to attend a variety of training workshops to familiarize them with basic software concepts. Many students begin by taking a workshop and discover a new interest in computers that leads to coursework and/or a program of study in the computer field. Specialized software programs are available in selected computer labs in support of courses as well as for independent skill development, practice, and review.

The college currently allocates twenty (20) classrooms for computer instruction. These rooms (3-203 Writing Center, 3-205 Language Lab, 3-207 TLC, 3-207Q Academic Technology Center, 3-211 Library Classroom, 3-220 Career Services, 3-311 Library Open Lab, 3-319, 3-325, 3-328, 3-345, 3-349, 3-351, Math Lab, Broadcasting Lab, Testing GED Lab, 4-103, 3-531, and the Health Sciences Lab 4-300) are equipped with approximately twenty (20) network computers and a printer; with the exception of 3-351 the Assessment and Testing Center (ATC) with thirty one (31). For each of the seven computer classrooms used for instruction, a schedule is posted outside that indicates when the room is unavailable.

The Academic Computing Center is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 8pm. The Center is closed during holidays and between semester break, and will have reduced hours during the summer months. Ultimately, these hours will be adjusted, as the need arises.

The Center is staffed by 2 contract personnel, work-study students or RCC computer science interns; that insure day and evening coverage. All incoming users must display a current and valid RCC Student ID for access. Non-students will be directed to use the Timothy Smith lab in Building 4-Room 106.

Center staff is responsible for assisting students with applications, maintaining the hardware, and managing the printing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where are the Computer Labs on campus located and what hours are they open?
Answer:  Please go to Computer Labs for hours and locations.

Q. Who can use RCC Computer Labs?
A. Any student registered at RCC may use the computer labs.

Q. I am a visitor/alumnus of RCC. Can I use the Computer Labs?
A. At this time, only currently registered RCC students have access to the computer labs. However, you can use the Community Access Lab (4-304) if there’s a computer available.

Q. Do I need to sign-in or show ID to use the Computer Lab?
A. Yes, upon entering the Computer Lab, please see the lab assistant at the instructor's desk. You will be requested to show your RCC ID and sign up.

Q. What software is available in each computer lab at RCC?
A. Software installation may vary from lab to lab. To check what software is available in each lab, please go to Computer Lab Details for more details.

Q. I do not want to have to go in person to check the door posting for lab hours. Is there an easier way to check the availability of a lab?
A. Yes. There is now a lab hours available on-line. To view the lab hours in each lab click here and select a lab you want to view.

Q. I have software I want to use. Can I install it on the computers in the computer lab?
A. No. Installing software is prohibited under the Acceptable Use Policy. Installing unauthorized software could potentially breach software licensing and/or compromise the functionality of currently installed software. If your professor has provided you software you need for instruction, please refer your professor to contact the ITS Department for assistance.

Q. I have some software that I would like to install on the Instructor computer? Is this permissible?
A. Software should never be installed on any lab machine without prior authorization. Installing software could cause corruption to the currently installed software and make the machine non-functional for other users. Most software requires installation using the Administrator’s account and you do not have access to use that account. Please refer to the Software Installation Policy for Computer Facilities for the procedure on special requests.

Q. How do I report a computer or printer problem in a lab?
A. Tell the lab monitor on duty or if not available, contact the Help Desk.

Q. Is there a lab that is open late?
A. Yes. Academic Computing Center Room 3-351 is open until 8:00PM. Please go here to check lab hours.

Q. I don't have a disk (or can't save a file to the floppy drive for some other reason), how can I e-mail my document to myself?
A. Please click here for answers.

Q. How can I move the e-mail in my personal Gmail account to my RCC student email account?
A. Please click here for answers.