The Information Technology provides every department across the campus with a network infrastructure access. By putting such an infrastructure in place, while observing security standards, the College's network has resulted in a maintainable and reliable communication channel throughout the institution.

The IT department has observed networking standards (e.g., network protocols, name services, and etc.) are in place so that the College community can rely on general services and capabilities. The IT department’s objective is to create standards that are sound and reliable..

Free Wi-Fi Wireless–The free Wi-Fi is accessible to anyone with a computer equipped with a Wi-Fi network card. Internet browsing is the only resource that is available to users on the Free Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi service is open to students, faculty, staff and to the Roxbury Community.

File Services – The IT department maintains (or upgrades), monitors, and backs up all shared folders on file server. Shared folders and drives supported are:
  • H: drive is for all RCC full-time faculty and staff to use once their username gets created. It's for every individual's personal or work-related storage.
  • The S: drive is public
  • The K: drive is department shared drive
  • U: drive is production drive