Roxbury Community College welcomes students from a wide variety of backgrounds and learning experiences. Many students come to our institution with a solid understanding in a particular discipline and we recognize their prior learning through the College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®) exams. The CLEP exams provide an opportunity for students to earn college credit for prior knowledge and skills and have them counted toward their Roxbury Community College degree requirements.

Students who achieve the required credit-granting scores on these exams can earn the credits and course exemptions listed below. Our institution will grant a total of 60 credits for successful performance on CLEP examinations.

When CLEP exam credit is awarded, it will appear as transfer credits on the student's Roxbury Community College transcript and will not be calculated into their GPA.

Students must present an official CLEP transcript to the Roxbury Community College Registrar's Office reflecting the results of the examination in order to receive credit.

Students may request a CLEP transcript by using the form included with their score report from CLEP Services, or write to CLEP Transcript Services, P.O. Box 6600, Princeton, NJ 08541-6500.

As with other forms of transfer credit, the Roxbury Community College Registrar's Office will not pass on information regarding CLEP scores to other institutions. The minimum scores required for all CLEP exams accepted by Roxbury Community College are outlined below.

Visit the Testing Office located in the Student Center Building, #4, Room 102 or call 617-541-5349 to register for an examination.

Placement Testing Schedule - Spring /Summer 2014

Wednesday, February 26th CLEP 10am
Friday February 28th CLEP 10am
Wednesday March 19th CLEP 10am
Friday, March 21st CLEP 10am
Wednesday, March 26th CLEP 10am
Friday, March 28 CLEP 10am
Friday April 4th CLEP 10am
Tuesday April 8th CLEP 10am
Friday April 11th CLEP 10am
Wednesday April 16th CLEP 10am
Friday April 25th CLEP 10am
Friday May 2nd CLEP 10am
Friday May 9th CLEP 10am
Friday May 16th CLEP 10am
Wednesday May 21st CLEP 10am
Friday June  6th CLEP 10am
Friday June 13th CLEP 10am
Friday June 20th CLEP 10am
Friday June 27th CLEP 10am
Wednesday July 2nd CLEP 10am

LOCATION:   Lab 351 – 3rd Floor – Academic Building
You must present a picture ID and your CLEP voucher number.