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Transfer Programs


MassTransfer integrates and replaces the Commonwealth Transfer Compact, Joint Admissions, and  the Tuition Advantage Program into a single transfer policy. Mass Transfer is effective for all degree-seeking students who enter Roxbury Community College after fall 2009.

For students completing an Associate Degree under a MassTransfer major at a Massachusetts community college:

A student completing an Associate degree program under MassTransfer will have graduated with a minimum of 60 credit hours and will have completed the following 34-credit general education transfer block, exclusive of developmental coursework.

English Composition/Writing 6 credit hours Behavioral and Social Sciences 9 credit hours Humanities and Fine Arts 9 credit hours Natural or Physical Science   7 credit hours Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning 3 credit hours
Transferring after completing an Associate Degree under MassTransfer offers many benefits:

  • No application fee
  • No application essay
  • Automatic satisfaction of most or all general education requirement
  • Guaranteed transfer of credits
  • Guaranteed admission
  • 33% Tuition waiver

For non-Associate Degree graduates under the MassTransfer Block at a Massachusetts community college:

English Composition/Writing:                6 credit hours
Behavioral and Social Sciences:            9 credit hours
Humanities and Fine Arts:                     9 credit hours
Natural or Physical: Science:                 7 credit hours
Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning:     3 credit hours

The Mass Transfer Block refers to a set of general education, core, or distribution requirements, consisting of 34 college-level credits.  The Mass Transfer Block provides any student in the Massachusetts public higher education system who completes it with the benefit of satisfying the general education core requirements at any other public higher education institution.
To view RCC Mass Transfer agreements and to get a Mass Transfer application, please go to http://www.mass.edu/masstransfer/Students/Application.asp

Transfer Programs:

CROSS REGISTRATION enables students to sample the environment of a four-year college or university while enrolled at RCC.  You sign up for cross-registered courses at the same time you register for RCC courses.  No late registration is permitted. You must have completed one semester at RCC in order to cross register. (A student does not have to be an RCC graduate to participate in this program).

Cross Registration is possible with:

  • Massachusetts College of Art  - Requires a strong interest in art.
  • Northeastern University - Requires completion of English Comp I & II, 2.75 GPA, 30 earned college-level credits.
  • Suffolk University - Allows students in their last semester at RCC to enroll in one course.  A grade point average of at least 3.0 is required.
  • University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB) - Requires students to enroll in at least 12 credits at RCC.  The additional 3 or 4 credit course can then be taken at UMB.
  • Wheelock College - Students interested in early childhood or elementary education, child life or social work can take up to two courses at Wheelock.