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Writing Center

Summer 2017 Hours
(starting May 30)

Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Writing Resources

Here are some resources to assist with writing and formatting:

The Writing Center at Roxbury Community College is committed to empowering students across all disciplines and levels of English classes to write essays and research papers whose form, grammar, and expression reflect the standards of academic American English. It encourages the acquisition of skills through process-based pedagogy. The Writing Center values the voice and perspective of the unique cultures and ideologies of all students at the College and encourages writing that demonstrates independent and analytical thinking.

The Writing Center is a place where students and classes come together to address writing across all disciplines. Offering face-to-face tutoring, the Writing Center also has available a variety of software and Internet-accessible programs to help students improve their writing skills. The Center regularly holds workshops and presentations for students and classes on a wide range of topics that address writing.

This office has been located to rooms 330 and 328 on the third floor of building 3 for the summer.

For more info, contact:

Joyce Atkinson
Coordinator of Learning Resources
Roxbury Community College