The Language Lab supports the learning of Arabic, ESOL, French, and Spanish through the use of interactive audio and visual media. We also offer tutoring support for students enrolled in ESOL and world language courses. Students visit the lab independently or accompanied by their class.

The Language Lab enables students to:

  • Work on pronunciation and grammar
  • Access and create authentic audio and video in the target language
  • Work with presentation platforms
  • Use interactive language-learning media
  • Use electronic dictionaries
  • Type in the target language

Language Lab Resources

Our faculty recommend these online resources to help you practice your new language at home or at our Language Lab.

  • Arabic
  • ESOL
  • French
  • Spanish

Language Lab Guidebook (2 MB)

Do you need more information?

  • Come to the lab
  • Contact us
  • Our staff will help you during open hours

The Language Lab is located in Room 205 of the Academic Building