Intern experience in your chosen career is valuable for future job prospects and furthering your education. Roxbury Community College can help you find an internship that's right for you.
Internships may be paid or unpaid. It is helpful to remember that often your greatest "pay" will be in experience gained and contacts made.

Academic Credit Internships:

Roxbury Community College provides students with the opportunity to take a three credit Internship Course.  This course is designed for students:

  • Business
  • Broadcast Media & Technology
  • Information System Technology
  • Administrative Information Technology
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Criminal Justice
  • Humanities
  • Liberal Arts

This course is offered during the Fall and Spring semester and may be used to fulfill a course requirement or elective (see individual Program of Study for more details).

Academic Credit Internship Qualifications:

  • Enrollment in a degree or certificate program
  • Completion of English Composition 101, three courses in major
  • Possession a minimum 2.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0
  • Faculty Internship Advisor Recommendation Form signed by Faculty who will supervise the internship
  • Students are required to meet with the Internship Counselor prior to registering to complete an In-Class Contract, Develop a Resume, Cover Letter, References and identify an internship site
  • Students who wish assistance in seeking an internship site are encouraged to contact the Internship Counselor for an appointment.
  • Also review other Internship Resources

Academic Non-credit Internships:

This is an academic program, which allows students to apply classroom theories and skills in a real work experience. Students are monitored by a representative from the Office of Career Development and Internships. This option allows students to begin working in their field of study early in their program. There is no limit to the number of terms a student can participate, and no tuition is charged for this option.

Internship Benefits:

For Students:

  • Practice the knowledge you have learned in the classroom
  • Earn 3 credits in your field of study (this statement applies for the Academic Credit Internship only)
  • Increase confidence and improve academic performance
  • Build the experience section of your resume
  • Expand your professional network
  • Gain professional references
  • Be first in line for related job opening

For Employers:

  • RCC interns bring a multi-cultural and international perspective to your business, which is critical in a modern workforce
  • Interns bring a fresh perspective to your organization
  • Interns reduce recruitment and training costs. A national study reports that more than 20 percent of recent hires came from employers own internship programs
  • Sponsoring an intern is a first step to further partnership with Roxbury Community College
  • Provide input on the quality and relevance of RCC's curriculum



  • For an up to date list of available internships and jobs, please contact Professor Chiso Okafor at (617) 427-0060 ext.5248 or cokafor@rcc.mass.edu


  • To make your employment and internship opportunities available to RCC students, please contact Professor Chiso Okafor at (617) 427-0060 ext.5248 or cokafor@rcc.mass.edu.