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For Employers

To post an opening or opportunity  please fill out  an Employer Inquiry Form in order to provide a description of your organization and job description. We also encourage you to email the job description to CareerGateway@rcc.mass.edu if it includes additional details. 

For Credit Based Internships and Co-ops: students need to complete a minimum of 150 hours

For Non-Credit based internships- students must be compensated

Process Breakdown:

  1. Fill out Employer Inquiry Form in order to provide a description of your organization and job description
  2. Coordinator will follow up to begin partnership building and determine which students to refer over.
  3. Interview Candidates and provide an offer.
  4. Fill out the appropriate RCC Internship Agreement (Credit or Non-Credit)
  5. Train and oversee student(s)
  6. Support students with documenting their experience in Weekly Timesheet and Journals ( Credit or Non-Credit).  
  7. Host Coordinator and/or Faculty Advisor for a site visit
  8. Evaluate intern/co-op student and program using appropriate Evaluation forms

Learning Outcomes:

For specific department academic outcomes see Faculty Advisor

  • Develop technical skills and professional communications in a work setting.
  • Understand industry and organizational structures, culture, and ethics.
  • Apply and reflect on the connections to academic theory and practice.
  • Strengthen critical thinking, research skills, and problem-solving skills.
  • Develop awareness of self, others, and social responsibility in a work, career, and global context.
  • Establish a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references.

For Career Fairs, Speaker Series and Other Volunteer  opportunities contact the Coordinator of Cooperative Education

To post an opening or opportunity sign up and post on our Career Gateway