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For Employers

For Credit Based Internships and Co-ops: students need to complete a minimum of 150 hours

For Non-Credit based internships- students must be compensated

  1. Fill out Employer Inquiry Form in order to provide a description of your organization and job description.
  2. Contact Coordinator of Cooperative Education for information about internship opportunities and what responsibilities are appropriate for an internship or co-op job.
  3. Coordinator will match students with opportunities that best aligns with student’ skills and academic and career goals.
  4. Interview Candidates.
  5. Fill out RCC Credited Internship Agreement (for credit-based internships only)
  6. Hire, train and oversee student(s).
  7. Provide a timekeeping system for credit based internships.
  8. Coordinator and/or Faculty Advisor will come for site visit.
  9. Evaluate intern (Employer Evaluation Form), co-op student by email survey.

For Career Fairs, Speaker Series and Other Recruiting opportunities contact the Coordinator of Cooperative Education

Learning Outcomes:

For specific department academic outcomes see Faculty Advisor

  • Develop technical skills and professional communications in a work setting.
  • Understand industry and organizational structures, culture, and ethics.
  • Apply and reflect on the connections to academic theory and practice.
  • Strengthen critical thinking, research skills, and problem-solving skills.
  • Develop awareness of self, others, and social responsibility in a work, career, and global context.
  • Establish a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references.