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Career & Majors Explorers

Roxbury Community College's Career Development & Internship Services (CDIS) offers students a variety of Career Assessments.

Career Self-Assessment is a process by which students learn more about their interests, skills and values; career fields; connecting majors to careers; and making the transition to a four-year college, and/or to employment.  Because there are numerous self-assessment tests based on different methods, we recommend that students take at least two or three assessments and compare the results for commonalities.

RCC recommends the following steps in exploring Careers and Majors:

STEP 1: Self-Assessment

STEP 2: Major Exploration 

STEP 3: Making a Decision

Career assessment options:

Self-Assessment Quizzes

  • A free Myers-Briggs Type test at HumanMetrics. The Myers-Briggs test is a typological approach to assessing a person's personality. To access this test, please click on the link below.


Skills Testing:

Your skills are tasks that you have already learned how to carry out. Some people have many skills, and some people have a few well-honed skills. To explore the skills you have already developed, and see what career options are available to you with the skills you are currently developing, consider taking the following assessments:


Your values are the basis for all the ethical decisions you make. Read more about how values are important in the workplace in the following link: Workplace Values Assessment