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Fernandel Salomon


Fernandel Salomon, Class of 2013, Business major.

Harvard University was an opportunity that Fernandel could not pass up. He made several attempts at finding employment there to no avail. When Irina Galatskaya, Director of Career Development and Internships presented the internship opportunity there he knew it was for him – a way of getting through the doors.

The benefits surpass Fernandel’s initial need for employment there. He has gained much needed workforce experience, knowledge, and confidence. He has also discovered several things about himself and the career path that he should explore. – The higher education sector is definitely a path that Fernandel plans to embrace at a deeper level. The most challenging for him was to adjust to office hours because he has worked in retail  and so he just did not want to leave the office, or take a break longer than 15 minutes.

After completion of internship, Fernandel  received an offer letter for a full-time position at the Harvard Credit Union. This position will allow him to utilize his RCC business training as well as provide him with more access and benefits within the Harvard system. Currently Fernandel is taking classes at Harvard Extension School. In his own words Fernandel said:” My classes at Harvard Extension School are rigorous, but nonetheless I am doing well.” Recently Fernandel received an award from Harvard School of Public Health for a free tuition in their competitive Research Training Program  (16 people out of the whole school gets it including faculty and staff).

"I have had the pleasure through the unfathomable opportunity provided by Irina Galatskaya, Director of Career Development & Internships to participate in internship at  the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department Health Policy and Management office. She has been so supportive, informative, and motivating, and she has been my mentor that I could never afford. During my internship I have been able to learn, discover, and communicate brilliant ideas to world-renown faculty, staff, and graduate students. I urge anyone who is considering this opportunity in the future to ‘just run with it’. Make a positive impression, and make the best of your time there” - Fernandel Salomon


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