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Learn more about student success from the Class of 2018! This year, the College is offering a special, intersession semester, which runs from December 31, 2018 – January 18, 2019.  The intensive courses offered during intersession are standard, 3-credit... Read more
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Timothy Smith Computer Lab

We have two Timothy Smith Network computer labs on campus, thanks to a partnership between RCC and the Timothy Smith Netowrk. 

These two labs support our ongoing courses offered through the Center for Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning. In addition, we offer set open access hours, where community members are welcome to come in and utilize our computers and Internet. 

Contact Us: 

Lise Hagen Snow
Community Program Manager: Lifelong Learning                                                          
Phone: (857) 701-1605 | LHagen@rcc.mass.edu                



To learn more about the Timothy Smith Network or to find other open access labs, click here

Excel & Spreadsheets

Coming Soon.

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