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In a city so rich with history, there are many ways to celebrate Black History Month. Join RCC as we honor this remarkable month with film screenings, a vendor fair, panel discussions, and more. Unless otherwise noted, please contact Elizabeth... Read more
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Jumpstart at RCC

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Jumpstart is a national early education organization working toward the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed. We provide language, literacy, and social-emotional programming for preschool children from under-resourced communities and promote quality early learning for all children. Through partnerships with institutions of higher education, Jumpstart recruits and trains college students to deliver our proven curriculum to three, four, and five-year-olds.

Since 2012, over 60 Roxbury Community College students, referred to as Jumpstart Corps members, have completed over 18,000 hours of service in low-income preschools across the Boston area, transforming the lives and education of hundreds of preschoolers. Corps members at RCC commit to serving 300 hours over the course of a school year in one preschool classroom with a team of their peers. In return for their time, Corps members receive an AmeriCorps Education Award and can use Jumpstart as their Federal Work Study job on campus.

In the seven year partnership between Jumpstart and RCC, Corps members have expressed the positive influence Jumpstart has had on their college experience. Corps members credit Jumpstart with the development of leadership, time management and teamwork skills. With Jumpstart, Corps members have the opportunity to learn soft skills they can highlight on a resume to use in any field, including but not limited to education. Corps members find value in serving their own community while boosting their resumes and gaining professional experience.

Interested in learning more about Jumpstart? Contact:
Kimberly Monaco | Site Manager
Jumpstart |KINDNESS inspires me.
Office: 617.228.2332 | Fax: 617.228.3472

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Math Support


The Learning Center is now in 3-113 F&G (student commons area)

Math tutoring is available in the Learning Center (Building 4, 3rd floor, room 311)for all levels of math offered at RCC.  Individual appointments can be made at the Learning Center or through https://rcc.mywconline.net. Tutoring is available in Basic Math, Algebra, Statistics, Pre-calculus and Calculus.  Additional tutoring is available for the math encountered in science courses, nutrition and calculations for nursing.  Students can make individual appointments or come with a classmate to a math tutoring session.

Study Groups in Algebra, Statistics and Pre-Calculus are offered each semester and facilitated by math tutors from the Learning Center.

Students interested in an independent math boot camp for an assessment of math skills and a self-paced review of arithmetic and beginning algebra, please contact Joyce Atkinson, Coordinator of Learning Resources in the Learning Center (4-311) or send an email for a one hour appointment to jatkinson@rcc.mass.edu.


For additional online support in math, take a look at the following websites:

Faculty and Staff Directory (with new phone numbers)

If you don't see the staff member you are looking for in the directory below, please check our online directory.

PDF version pdf icon1

Last NameFirst NameNew Phone NumberDepartmentCurrent RoomEmail
Alford Aqueelah 857-701-1260 Business Office 3-533H aalford@rcc.mass.edu
Amado Paris 857-701-1711 Student Life - Athletics Athletics Office pamado@rcc.mass.edu
Amaya Melida 857-701-1423 Enrollment - Advising 3-219A mamaya@rcc.mass.edu
Andreottola Alfonsina 857-701-1468 STEM - Business 4-319B aandreottola@rcc.mass.edu
Anilus Binlas 857-701-1351 STEM - Math 3-501E banilus@rcc.mass.edu
Anthony Yvonne 857-701-1238 Grants 3-533C YAnthony@rcc.mass.edu
Antonellis Peter 857-701-1282 Office of the President 3-455G pantonellis@rcc.mass.edu
Aradom Tesfay 857-701-1503 Arts, Humanities & Social Science - Psych 3-201D taradom@rcc.mass.edu
Arocho Fontini 857-701-1201 Enrollment 3-219  farocho@rcc.mass.edu
Arya Michelle   STEM - Labs    
Asare Alex 857-701-1352 STEM - Math 3-501B aasare@rcc.mass.edu
Atherley Valerie 857-701-1598 STEM - IT 3-301C vatherley@rcc.mass.edu
Atkinson Joyce 857-701-1411 Academic Support 3-Commons jatkinson@rcc.mass.edu
Banks LaVerne 857-701-1601 Corporate & Community Education 4-102 lbanks1@rcc.mass.edu
Barnes Michelle 857-701-1259 Administration & Finance 3-533D mbarnes@rcc.mass.edu
Biechler Laura 857-701-1223 Student Life - Financial Aid 3-201E LBiehler@rcc.mass.edu
Blythe Daveen 857-701-1517 STEM - Labs 3-303A dblythe@rcc.mass.edu
Bolte Priscilla  857-701-1642 Health & Human Services - Nursing 4-331 pbolte@rcc.mass.edu
Breitenfeldt Jeffrey     1-326 Jbreitenfeldt@rcc.mass.edu
Brown Phillip 857-701-1481 STEM - Business 4-321 pbrown1@rcc.mass.edu
Bryant  Donald  857-701-1676 Facilities Mailroom dbryant@rcc.mass.edu
Bycinte Mario 857-701-1556 Information Technology 3-353C mbycinte@rcc.mass.edu
Campbell Jr. Tommie 857-701-1712 Athletics Athletics Open  
Carter Lisa 857-701-1277 Project Access at RCC 4-313F lcarter@rcc.mass.edu
Castro Gloria 857-701-1204 Enrollment 3-219C gcastro@rcc.mass.edu
Caulfield Roni 857-701-1278 KEE 3-127 rcaulfield@rcc.mass.edu
Chatterton James 857-701-1268 Business Office 3-533J JChatterton@rcc.mass.edu
Christopher Marcus 857-701-1422 Enrollment - Advising 3-219B mchristopher@rcc.mass.edu
Clark Elizabeth 857-701-1491 Student Life - Student Activities 3-201C eclark@rcc.mass.edu
Clifton Kaela 857-701-1209 Enrollment 3-219  kclifton@rcc.mass.edu
Cruz Raymind 857-701-1552 Information Technology 3-353E rcruz@rcc.mass.edu
Cunningham Loretta  857-701-1640 Health & Human Services - Nursing 4-319C lcunningham@rcc.mass.edu
Daley Jeremy 857-701-1208 Enrollment - Admissions 3-219B jdaley@rcc.mass.edu
Dickson Laverne 857-701-1641 Health & Human Services - Nursing 4-323 ldickson@rcc.mass.edu
Dietel-Brenneman Valerie 857-701-1353 STEM - Math 3-501H vbrenneman@rcc.mass.edu
Dinh You 857-701-1674 Facilities 4-105A ydinh@rcc.mass.edu
Duarte Shannon 857-701-1291 Human Resources 3-455A sduarte@rcc.mass.edu
Eells Richard 857-701-1355 STEM - Math 3-501D reells@rcc.mass.edu
Ellis Jordan 857-701-1506 Arts, Humanities & Social Science - Soc 3-201D Jellis@rcc.mass.edu
English Andrew 857-701-1371 Arts, Humanities & Social Science - ESL 3-301F aenglish@rcc.mass.edu
Esfahani Monireh 857-701-1521 STEM 4-332 mesfah@rcc.mass.edu
Fanfanx Lerick 857-701-1222 Student Life - Financial Aid 3-218 Lfanfanx@rcc.mass.edu
Fesko Michael 857-701-1256 Auxilliary Services 3-533J MFesko@rcc.mass.edu
Foley Diane 857-701-1551 Information Technology 3-353 dfoley@rcc.mass.edu
Ghaemghami Jalal 857-701-1502 Academic & Student Affairs - Online 3-401A jghaemghami@rcc.mass.edu
Gibson Melissa 857-701-1202 Enrollment 3-219  mgibson@rcc.mass.edu
Goncalves Crystal 857-701-1500 STEM 3-401 cgoncalves@rcc.mass.edu
Goncalves Lizette 857-701-1262 Business Office 3-533C lgoncalves@rcc.mass.edu
Gosselin Stacy 857-701-1643 Health & Human Services - Rad Tech 4-311D sgosselin@rcc.mass.edu
Gray Rhonda 857-701-1561 Arts, Humanities & Social Science - English 3-201D rgray@rcc.mass.edu
Green Pamela 857-701-1113 Temporarily located at the Reggie  5-201 pgreen@rcc.mass.edu
Hagen-Snow Lise 857-701-1605 Corporate & Community Education 4-102F lhagen@rcc.mass.edu
Hall Kenneth  857-701-1671 Facilities 4-105B khall@rcc.mass.edu
Howard-Harrell Michelle 857-701-1467 Health & Human Services - ECE 3-301E mharre@rcc.mass.edu
Hart Sherman  857-701-1704 RLTAC 5-201 shart@rcc.mass.edu
Harun Magan 857-701-1221 Student Life - Financial Aid 3-218 mharun@rcc.mass.edu
Henao Sandra 857-701-1263 Business Office 3-533 shenao@rcc.mass.edu
Hepner Kevin 857-701-1258 Administration & Finance 3-533G KHepner@rcc.mass.edu
Hernandez Nancy 857-701-1350 Enrollment 3-219  nhernandez@rcc.mass.edu
Hill Joanne 857-701-1560 Arts, Humanities & Social Science 3-301 jhill@rcc.mass.edu
Hines Ruth 857-701-1657 Health & Human Svc -Student Health  4-313E rhines@rcc.mass.edu
Hoag William 857-701-1386 Director of Library 3-213 whoag@rcc.mass.edu
Howard-Harrell Michelle 857-701-1467 Liberal Arts/Social Science 3-301E mharre@rcc.mass.edu
Hughes Ernest   RLTAC   ehughes@rcc.mass.edu
Hughes Marshall 857-701-1119 Temporarily located at the Reggie  5-201 mhughes@rcc.mass.edu
Intarabumrung Totsaporn 857-701-1385 Library 3-213 tintarabumrung@rcc.mass.edu
Jackson Frank  857-701-1702 RLTAC    
Jordan Patricia 857-701-1264 Business Office 3-533F pjordan@rcc.mass.edu
Kalt Susan 857-701-1372 Arts, Humanities & Social Science - Language 3-301F skalt@rcc.mass.edu
Laird Kristin 857-701-1505 STEM - Biotechnology 3-401E klaird@rcc.mass.edu
Lake-Hart Valerie 857-701-1265 Business Office 3-533H vlakehart@rcc.mass.edu
Lambert Martha 857-701-1283 Office of the President 3-455G mlambert@rcc.mass.edu
Latif Nasreen 857-701-1597 Arts,Humanities & Social Science - Econ Bus 3-301A nlatif@rcc.mass.edu
Lawler Victoria 857-701-1672 Facilities 4-105 vlawler@rcc.mass.edu
Lazo Nadia 857-701-1606 Corporate & Community Education 4-102C NLazo@rcc.mass.edu
Leonard Esther 857-701-1275 Cooperative Education & Internships 4-333 eleonard@rcc.mass.edu
Leszczyk Mark 857-701-1717 Athletics Athletics Open mleszczyk@rcc.mass.edu
Lewis Christopher  857-701-1203 Enrollment 3-219E clewis@rcc.mass.edu
Lewis Vanessa 857-701-1235 Marketing & Communications 5-201 vlewis@rcc.mass.edu
Lindsey Shanera  857-701-1722 RLTAC 5-201 slindsey@rcc.mass.edu
Llanos Pablo 857-701-1390 Copy Center 3-125 pllanos@rcc.mass.edu
Lugo Francisco 857-701-1557 Information Technology 3-353C flugo@rcc.mass.edu
Lundsten Kristin 857-701-1654 Dean, Health & Human Serivces 4-317A klundsten@rcc.mass.edu
Ma Dong 857-701-1354 STEM - Science 3-501K dma@rcc.mass.edu
Main 1 Security 857-701-1310 Public Safety 3-109  
Marcelin Carl 857-701-1292 Human Resources 3-455A cdmarcelin@rcc.mass.edu
Martin Cheryl  857-701-1205 Enrollment 3-219E cmartin@rcc.mass.edu
McColgan John 857-701-1356 STEM  - Math 3-501G jmccolgan@rcc.mass.edu
McKenley Sherene 857-701-1276 Academic & Student Affairs 3-455D smckenley@rcc.mass.edu
Mebrate Sileshi 857-701-1638 Nursing 4-327 samebrate@rcc.mass.edu
Mendez Belma 857-701-1608 Corporate & Community Education 4-102 bmendez@rcc.mass.edu
Mendez Maribel 857-701-1603 Corporate & Community Education 4-102B mmendez@rcc.mass.edu
Michalowski Jackie 857-701-1312 Public Safety 3-109 JAMichalowski@rcc.mass.edu
Minor Loretta  857-701-1424 Student Life 3-201B lminor@rcc.mass.edu
Monestime Carrie 857-701-1206 Interim Dean, Enrollment & Admissions 3-219F cmonestime@rcc.mass.edu
Morales Rosa 857-701-1393 Library 3-213 rmorales@rcc.mass.edu
Moulai Javad 857-701-1357 STEM  - Math, Engineering 3-401B jmoulai@rcc.mass.edu
Mtileni Gift 857-701-1266 Business Office 3-533F GMtileni@rcc.mass.edu
Mueller Kurt 857-701-1410 Student Accessibility Services 3-201A kmueller@rcc.mass.edu
Murkison Monica 857-701-1651 Student Life 3-201 mmurkison@rcc.mass.edu
Nazarenko Danielle 857-701-1647 Nursing 4-325 dnazarenko@rcc.mass.edu
Nichols Aneesa 857-701-1607 Corporate & Community Education 4-102C anichols@rcc.mass.edu
Olson Stacey 857-701-1522 STEM - Science 3-401F solson@rcc.mass.edu
Onuoha Everest 857-701-1565 Arts, Humanities & Social Science - English 3-301B eonuoha1@rcc.mass.edu
Oroz Andres 857-701-1494 Dean, Student Life 3-201F AOroz@rcc.mass.edu
Payne Michael 857-701-1207 Enrollment 3-219C mpayne@rcc.mass.edu
Petty Justin 857-701-1102 STEM -  Broadcast Media 1-001A jpetty@rcc.mass.edu
Pina  Salvador  857-701-1604 Advancement and Community Engagement 4-102A spina@rcc.mass.edu
President Mia 857-701-1293 Human Resources 3-455 mpresident@rcc.mass.edu
Print Copy 857-701-1330 Copy Center 3-125  
Prospere Sabine 857-701-1553 Information Technology 3-353C sprospere@rcc.mass.edu
Pugh Judy 857-701-1284 Office of the President 3-455G jpugh@rcc.mass.edu
Rafuse Janet 857-701-1644 Health & Human Services - Rad Tech 4-311E jrafuse@rcc.mass.edu
Reddrick Denise 857-701-1255 Payroll 3-533A dredrick@rcc.mass.edu
Regner Cecile 857-701-1272 Academic & Student Affairs 3-501C CRegner@rcc.mass.edu
Rios Harold 857-701-1310 Public Safety 3-109 HRios@rcc.mass.edu
Rivers Erica 857-701-1718 RLTAC   erivers@rcc.mass.edu
Roberson Valerie 857-701-1280 Office of the President 3-455E vroberson@rcc.mass.edu
Rogers Kimberly 857-701-1273 Arts, Humanities & Social Science 3-455D krogers@rcc.mass.edu
Rollins J. Dustin 857-701-1126 Social Science 1-322 Jrollins@rcc.mass.edu
Rubin Francine 857-701-1425 Enrollment - Advising 3-219D frubin@rcc.mass.edu
Russo Flo 857-701-1706 RLTAC   frusso@rcc.mass.edu
Samuels Everad 857-701-1708 RLTAC   esamuels@rcc.mass.edu
Sanchez Pedro 857-701-1267 Business Office 3-125 psanchez@rcc.mass.edu
Sanon Sophia 857-701-1420 Student Life 3-201 ssanon@rcc.mass.edu
Santos Nancy 857-701-1232 Advancement and Community Engagement 3-533D nsantos@rcc.mass.edu
Scott Alyson 857-701-1709 RLTAC 5-201 ascott@rcc.mass.edu
Sitkowitz Joseph 857-701-1387 Library 3-213 jsikowitz@rcc.mass.edu
Silva Jose 857-701-1648 Health & Human Services - Nursing 4-329 jsilva@rcc.mass.edu
Sims Hillel 857-701-1501 Dean, STEM 3-401F hsims@rcc.mass.edu
Singleton Jerome   RLTAC   jsingleton@rcc.mass.edu
Smallwood-Young Wanda 857-701-1274 Academic & Student Affairs 3-219C wsmallwood@rcc.mass.edu
Smock Jordan 857-701-1234 Marketing & Communications 5-201 jsmock@rcc.mass.edu
Soto Lisa 857-701-1224 Financial Aid 3-218 lsoto@rcc.mass.edu
Spencer Omesa 857-701-1602 Corporate & Community Education 4-102 ospencer@rcc.mass.edu
St. Jules Coreen 857-701-1719 RLTAC   cstjules@rcc.mass.edu
Stephenson Yolande 857-701-1225 Student Life - Financial Aid 3-218 ystephenson@rcc.mass.edu
Steeves William   STEM - Labs    
Stieglitz Kimberly 857-701-1524 STEM - Science 3-401C kastieglitz@rcc.mass.edu
Sucher Nikolaus 857-701-1525 STEM - Science 3-501J nsucher@rcc.mass.edu
Tabella Danielle 857-701-1405 Testing & Assessment 3-220A dtabela@rcc.mass.edu
Tang Phuong 857-701-1236 Marketing & Communications 5-201 ptang@rcc.mass.edu
Tangvik Ken   Arts, Humanities & Social Science - English 4-311-B  
Thorpe Darlene 857-701-1492 Health & Human Services  4-317 dthorpe@rcc.mass.edu
Thrash Jennie 857-701-1421 Academic Advising 3-219A jthrash@rcc.mass.edu
Townsell Jelani 857-701-1714 Student Life Athletics Office jtownsell@rcc.mass.edu
Uerling Laura 857-701-1241 Institutional Research & Effectiveness 3-533B luerling@rcc.mass.edu
Updike David 857-701-1567 English 1-326 dupdike@rcc.mass.edu
Vidal Victoria 857-701-1394 Library 3-213 vvidal@rcc.mass.edu
Wan N'Tani Souily 857-701-1464 Liberal Arts / Social Science 4-311A swan@rcc.mass.edu
Washington Denita 857-701-1395 Library 3-213 dwashington1@rcc.mass.edu
West Patricia 857-701-1294 Human Resources 3-455B PWest@rcc.mass.edu
White Rob 857-701-1673 Facilities 4-105D rwhite@rcc.mass.edu
Williams Lorita 857-701-1233 Advancement and Community Engagement 3-533E LWilliams@rcc.mass.edu
Zama Nunotte 857-701-1455 Health & Human Services - CrimJustice 4-311C nzama@rcc.mass.edu
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