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In a city so rich with history, there are many ways to celebrate Black History Month. Join RCC as we honor this remarkable month with film screenings, a vendor fair, panel discussions, and more. Unless otherwise noted, please contact Elizabeth... Read more
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Scholarship Recipients

First NameLast NameAwardValueEmail Address
Benjamin Gunn Health Sciences $500 bjgunn@roxbury.edu
Lunda  Francois-Philippe STEM $500 lfrancois-philippe@robury.edu
James Mink STEM $500 jcmink@roxbury.edu
El Hadj Barry STEM $500 eabarry@roxbury.edu
Nan Li Julia Woods Brown $500 nli@roxbury.edu
Halima Ismail Julia Woods Brown $500 hnismail@roxbury.edu
Mariame Fofana Deans & Departments $500 mfofana@roxbury.edu
Jusu Coker Deans & Departments $500 jbcoker@roxbury.edu
Osuji Ngozi Deans & Departments $500 naosuji@roxbury.edu
Ian Holder Stop  & Shop $500 iholder@roxbury.edu
Agnes Kasule Stop  & Shop $500 akasule@roxbury.edu
Donna Morris Stop  & Shop $500 dmorris@roxbury.edu
Xiomara Munoz Stop  & Shop $500 ximunoz@roxbury.edu
Kathleen Kennedy Stop  & Shop $500 klkennedy@roxbury.edu
Florise Luc Stop  & Shop $500 fluc@roxbury.edu
Eseroghene Akporhonor Martin Luther King $500 ebakporhonor@roxbury.edu
Rajdel Francois Liberal Arts $500 rcfrancois@roxbury.edu
Daniel McAfee Transitional Housing $1,000 ddmcafee@roxbury.edu
Ssu-Fang Cheng International Student $1,000 scheng2@roxbury.edu
Hlee Yang Honors $500 hyang2@roxbury.edu
Sharon Olivo Honors $500 snolivo@roxbury.edu

Will I have Financial Aid to take a summer class?

Summer Financial Aid consists of Federal Pell Grant that is unused in the previous Fall and Spring. Therefore if you were full time at RCC or any other school in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 you are unlikely to have any financial aid for Summer 2017.

If you did not attend both semesters the amount you have left for summer is calculated as below:

Pell for Fall SemesterNumber of credits taken% Pell Left
Full Time 12 or more credits each semester 0%
Three Quarter time 9 to 11 credits 25%
Half Time 6 to 8 credits 50%
Less Than Half time is 1 to 5 credits 75%
Pell for Spring SemesterNumber of credits taken% Pell Left
Full Time 12 or more credits each semester 0%
Three Quarter time 9 to 11 credits 25%
Half Time 6 to 8 credits 50%
Less Than Half time is 1 to 5 credits 75%

If Suzie Student took 9 credit in the fall, and 14 credits in the spring, she has Pell left to cover one class for the summer.

If Steve Student took 14 credits in the fall, and 12 in the spring he would not have any eligibility for summer.

If Sean Student was in 9 credits for the Fall, and 8 for the Spring, he would have one class left over from fall (less than half time) and two classes left over from spring (half time), so he could receive Pell for up to three classes.

There are situations where students who did not attend full time still may not have eligibility, for instance students who are near their lifetime limits on Pell (six years), or students who are not meeting the minimum requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), after their spring grades are received. Financial Aid is never guaranteed to cover the entire bill, you should compare your awarded aid to the amount of your bill.

Once you enroll in summer classes your financial aid eligibility will be determined and you will be able to view it on MyRCC under the Financial Aid Tab. Students who are on Warning or an Academic Plan for Spring 2016 SAP will not be awarded until their grades are received, evaluated and approved. Students who are receiving refund checks for the Spring semester should consider saving a portion of your refund to help cover summer classes!




How to apply for a bookstore charge

  1. Enroll in your classes
  2. Log into MyRCC –https://myrcc.rcc.mass.edu (figure 1)
    If you do not remember your log in click on “start here” on the far left, enter your information and retrieve all log in information for RCC it systems.
  3. Look up the price of your books (Textbook and Course Materials on left)
    • Make a shopping cart – much like on Amazon!
    • Use new prices, as the bookstore may be out of used copies, any funds not used, will be refunded.
    • You should not submit the shopping cart, but if you do this and print it out it will make checkout go much faster in the bookstore!
  4. Click on the Financial Aid tab (between the two yellow bars)
  5. Figure 1
    MyRCC fig1

  6. The bookstore charge request is just below the information about withdrawing from class (figure 2)
  7. Figure 2
    MyRCC fig2

  8. Answer all questions
  9. Read carefully to understand the agreement. Type in your name or initials and click the submit button.
  10. We will receive your request electronically.

Once we have confirmed that:

    • Your financial aid is in good standing
    • Your aid is sufficient to cover the cost of the bookstore charge request

We will approve it and send your information to the bookstore electronically. You will receive an email confirmation when it is available in the bookstore to use.

    • If you do not have the full amount requested available, your bookstore charge will be reduced. The Office of Financial Aid cannot accurately determine each students bill, as we are unable see things such as past due balances or lab fees, we do our best to estimate, but students are responsible for any amount requested.
    • We complete bookstore credits daily during the week, but you should wait for the confirmation before going to the bookstore. This is usually received within one business day of submission.
    • You must take your student ID to the bookstore to pick up your books. Taking a print out of the shopping cart you created when calculating the cost of your books helps the bookstore line run smoother and faster.


Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is an estimate of the average total cost for you to attend Roxbury Community College for an academic year, intended to assist you in preparing a personal budget.  The annual expenses listed below are calculated for a student who is attending Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.  The Business Office, lists actual tuition and fee charges for actual enrollment levels.  Please see Tuition and Fees Page.

This estimate of costs reflect typical "modest but adequate" expense patterns of RCC students based on research conducted by the Office of Financial Aid.  The costs are split by Direct Cost (reflected on your student bill) and indirect costs (costs you will need to cover while in school).  While actual expenses will depend on your lifestyle and level of enrollment, the estimated costs listed on this page should assist you in planning your own budget.

While Financial Aid awards are based upon enrollment, financial aid awards are never guaranteed to cover the full cost, either direct or indirect, of enrollment.

In addition to the below, there is a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee charged to each student, each semester.  Certain classes have additional lab fees, as do nursing classes, which carry program fees.

Students enrolled in nine or more credits will be charged $1640 for health insurance (annual amount) unless they carry personal health insurance and waive the health insurance charge prior to the deadline.  See the Business Office website for full information.


Estimated Direct Costs billed by RCC

2017 -2018 In-state students (Estimated Average Cost)

Massachusetts Residents (In State)




Full-Time (12-up) Credits 




Three-Quarter (9-11) Credits




Half-Time (6-8) Credits




Less Than Half (1-5) Credits





2017 – 2018 Out of State students

New England (Regional)




Twelve (12) Credits




Nine (9) Credits




Six (6) Credits




Three (3) Credits





Non Residents (Out of State)                     




Twelve (12) Credits 




Nine (9) Credits




Six (6) Credits




Three (3) Credits




Estimated indirect costs


Full Time
12 + credits

3/4 Time
9-11 credits

Half Time
6-8 credits

Less Than Half Time
1-5 credits

Books & Supplies





Room & Board (living with parent)





Room & Board (living off campus)





Fall Transportation





Spring Transportation





Personal Expenses





Total living with Parent





Total living off campus





Temp Office Locations Phones
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