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Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is an estimate of the average total cost for you to attend Roxbury Community College for an academic year, intended to assist you in preparing a personal budget.  The annual expenses listed below are calculated for a student who is attending Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.  The Business Office, lists actual tuition and fee charges for actual enrollment levels.  Please see Tuition and Fees Page.

This estimate of costs reflects typical "modest but adequate" expense patterns of RCC students based on research conducted by the Office of Financial Aid.  The costs are split by Direct Cost (reflected on your student bill) and indirect costs (costs you will need to cover while in school).  While actual expenses will depend on your lifestyle and level of enrollment, the estimated costs listed on this page should assist you in planning your own budget.

While Financial Aid awards are based upon enrollment, financial aid awards are never guaranteed to cover the full cost, either direct or indirect, of enrollment.

In addition to the below, there is a $30.00 non-refundable registration fee charged to each student, each semester.  Certain classes have additional lab fees, as do nursing classes, which carry program fees.

Students enrolled in nine or more credits will be charged $1,879 for health insurance (annual amount) unless they carry personal health insurance and waive the health insurance charge prior to the deadline.  See the Business Office website for full information.


Estimated Direct Costs billed by RCC


2019-2020 In-state students (Estimated Average Cost)
Massachusetts Residents (In State) Tuition Fees Total
Twelve (12) Credits $312 $4,179 $4,491
Nine (9) Credits $234 $3,624 $3,858
Six (6) Credits $156 $1,190 $1,346
Three (3) Credits $78 $635 $713
2019 – 2020 New England (Regional)
New England (Regional) Tuition Fees Total
Twelve (12) Credits $468 $4,179 $4,647
Nine (9) Credits $351 $3,624 $3,975
Six (6) Credits $234 $1,190 $1,424
Three (3) Credits $117 $635 $752
2019-2020 Non-Residents (Out of State) /International                     Tuition Fees Total
Twelve (12) Credits  $2,964 $4,179 $7,143
Nine (9) Credits $2,223 $3,624 $5,847
Six (6) Credits $1,482 $1,190 $2,672
Three (3) Credits $741 $635 $1,376

Estimated indirect costs

  Full Time
12 + credits
3/4 Time
9-11 credits
Half Time
6-8 credits
Less Than Half Time
1-5 credits
Books & Supplies $2,000 $1,500 $1,000 $500
Room & Board (living with parent) $5,000 $3,750 $2,500 NA
Room & Board (living off campus) $10,000 $7,500 $5,000 NA
Fall Transportation $423 $423 $423 $423
Spring Transportation $338 $338 $338 $338
Personal Expenses $1,600 $1,200 $800 NA
Total living with Parent $9,361 $7,125 $5,061 $1,261
Total living off campus $14,361 $10,875 $7,561 $1,261