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Business Communications

Business Communications Thumb 

Become a more effective communicator today!

Practice crafting and improving your written technique and oral presentations. Course culminates with each student’s own short presentation before a small audience of professionals.

In this course you will:

  • Study factors for effective communication: clarity, organization, tone, delivery
  • Identify and target your audience
  • Practice crafting the most common business formats: memos, reports, email, proposals
  • Recognize and remove jargon, redundancy, and unnecessary phrases
  • Develop brainstorming techniques to start writing
  • Learn to write concisely and quickly
  • Create effective power point slides to support your presentation
  • Understand graphic rules of thumb: color, background, text, images, formatting
  • Acquire the confidence to communicate clearly and effectively

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$190 + $10 registration fee

The course has no textbooks or prerequisites.

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