Workforce Development Goals

Workforce Development: Our Goals
Workforce Development is a direct, effective, and immediate response to the urgent demands of the current economy and expanding technology. Its primary goal is to provide you with the academic, employability, and technical skills you need to increase your access to employment and economic opportunities, and to ensure job retention and career advancement. Because of its flexibility, workforce development training has become the first choice of small businesses and corporations.

A Lifelong Learning Experience at RCC

The RCC Division of Continuing Education (DCE) offers a variety of short-term, workforce development programs designed specifically for those seeking basic technical skills for entry-level employment opportunities as well as the additional skills necessary for job retention and career advancement. These training programs integrate academic, communication, employability, technical, and technological skills to ensure that program graduates are fully prepared for the workplace.

These programs include skill building for the emerging Green Industry, Healthcare, Retail Sales, Real Estate and Mortgage industries among others. Courses are scheduled mainly in the late afternoon/evening hours and on weekends on the main campus. They offer a unique opportunity to those who wish to begin their lifelong learning journey by, first, earning a certificate in some of the fields listed on the following pages.