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Successful Women in Clean Energy


Free Training Paid Internship

Successful Women in Clean Energy prepares women for positions in sales and marketing in the field of Clean Energy. Eligible participants will receive 15 weeks of training and placement in a six-month PAID Fellowship with an employer in the Clean Energy Industry. The program is Section 30 and ITA eligible and is currently seeking qualified applicants.

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Jessica Castro                                  
Director of Workforce Training & Youth
Morgan Memorial Goodwill
1010 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA 02119
617-541-1276 or by email at: jcastro@goodwillmass.org

Lisa Carter                                        
Directorof Project Access
Roxbury Community College                                                    
1234 Columbus Avenue                                                                
Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120 
(617) 933-7459 or by email at: lcarter@rcc.mass.edu