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Faculty & Staff

Science Technology Engineering & Math Office
Academic Building, #3, Room 401,
Telephone (617)541-5317

Alex Asare
3-501B x5228 Math
Ben Anilus
3-501H x5233 Math
Dong Ma
3-501K 857-701-1354 STEM/Science
Javad Moulai
3-401 x5234 STEM
John McColgan
501-G x5210 Math
Justin A. Petty
1-004 x5502 Broadcast Media Technology
Kimberly Stieglitz
3-401C x5215 Chemistry and Biotechnology
Kristin Laird
3-401E x5211 Science
Monireh Esfahani
3-416 x5223 Science
Richard Eells
3-501C x5231 Math
Stacey Olson
3-415 x5108 Science
Nicholas Sucher
3-501J 857-701-1525 STEM

Valerie D. Brenneman

3-501H x5235 Math

Crystal Goncalves

3-401 x5317

Daveen Blythe

Hillel Sims
3-433 x5151

Michelle A.. Arya


Student Resources & Opportunities

Student Resources:

Facilitated Study Groups (FSGs)
FSG's are small study groups for STEM courses. These study groups are essential components of the UMLSAMP and Bridges projects and are led by RCC professors or other professionals in the subject area. FSG's are held for the following courses at RCC:

  1. Microbiology
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. College-Level Mathematics

For more information about FSG's, please contact: Joyce Atkinson at jatkinson@rcc.mass.edu

STEM Study Groups days and times change each semester

Students who need tutorial services in other subject areas are encouraged to contact The Learning Center in Room 3-203.

Math Clinic

The Math Clinic at Roxbury Community College is committed to drop-in accessibility as it supports students to succeed in all levels of mathematics by providing a safe environment to ask questions, study for tests, and complete homework assignments. Students who struggle with math are equally welcome as those for whom math is a major concentration. We are located in room 203 of the Academic Building.

Student Opportunities:

Paid Internships:
Below please find examples of recent "paid" internships for Roxbury Community College students.

  1. Student Paid Opportunity: NSF-REU (Research) @ BU Boston University
  2. Bridges Registration Form 2011
  3. Recommendation Internship and Biotech Workshop Feb 2011 
  4. 2012-2013 STEM Paid Internships 
  5. Akami Technologies 
  6. The Mass Life Science Center: A Dream Internship For Both Students and Employers
  7. Helicopter Training
  8. Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program 
  9. Dana Farber - CURE 
  10. MIT Center for Materials Science and Engineering Community College Program

- Stipend, Tuition, and Research Opportunity in STEM Fields (Funded by the Department of Homeland Security)

Past Conferences:

  • Biomedical Science Careers Student Conference
    The Westin Hotel Copley Place, Boston, Massachusetts

RCC Technology Club

Course Outcomes



Broadcast Media Technology

  • Intro to Producing and Directing
  • TV Production
  • Video Techniques
  • Advanced TV Production
  • Intro to Video Editing
  • Advanced Video Editing
  • Intro to Engineering Design 1
  • Engineering Design 2
  • Architectural&Civil Drafting
  • Advanced Architectural Design
  • rinciples of Chemistry 2
  • Physics 1
  • Physics 2
  • Principles of Physics 1
  • Principles of Physics 2
  • Molecular Techniques
  • Biomanufacturing 1
  • Biomanufacturing 2
  • Internship in Biotechnology
  • Science Internship (Lab Animal Care)
  • Botany


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Division Programs

Certificate Programs:

  • Biotechnology: Biomanufacturing 
  • Broadcast Media Technology 
  • Information Systems Technology 
  • Network Administration 
  • Medical Office Specialist 

Associate of Arts Degree Programs:

  • Broadcast Media Technology 
  • Health Careers 
  • Biological Science: Laboratory Animal Care 
  • Mathematics 
  • Physical Science 

Associate of Science Degree Programs:

  • Information Systems Technology 
  • Administrative Information Technology 
  • Web Technologies 
  • Network Administration 
  • Ecology and Environmental Science (AS) NEW 
  • Engineering (AS) 
  • Biotechnology (AS)