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Faculty Spotlight: Professor Susan Kalt has recently published two chapters in a book called Quechua Expressions of Stance and Deixis

SueProfessor Susan Kalt, in addtion to teaching Spanish at RCC, has recently published a new work studying linguistic expressions, specifically Quechua, a language native to South America, and its use among schoolchildren. 

Quechua Expressions of Stance and Deixis
ISBN: 9004289569
Publication Date: 2015

Professor Susan Kalt wrote both the introduction and the chapter “Pointing in space and time: deixis and directional movement in schoolchildren’s Quechua” in this new book edited by Marilyn Manley and Antje Muntendam.

Although we do not currently have this book in our library, we can order it for you through interlibrary loan.  Fill out this form, so we can get started finding this book for you!