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Are you interested in pursuing a degree at RCC? Or, would you like to take one or two classes, as non-degree student? To join RCC’s community, you must first complete an application. We accept applications on an on-going basis, so start yours,... Read more
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Writing Support


The Learning Center is now in 3-203

Writing tutors are located in the Learning Center which is located on the third floor of Building 3 in Room 203. It is a place where students can get support to address writing across all disciplines. Offering face-to-face tutoring, the Center also has links to various writing support websites to help students improve their writing skills. The staff at the Center may hold workshops and presentations for students and classes on a wide range of topics that address writing.

The Learning Center is committed to empowering students across all disciplines to write essays and research papers whose form, grammar, and expression reflect the accepted standards of American English while valuing the unique and individual voices and perspective of the diverse cultures and ideologies of its student body.  Students can also use the Learning Center computers to work on papers during open hours when available.

Appointments to meet with a writing tutor for 30 or 60 minutes can be made online through https://rcc.mywconline.net or students can stop by The Learning Center (3-203) for assistance with making an appointment. 

Some websites to assist with writing:

Helpful Websites for Writing:




Math Support


The Learning Center is now in 3-203

Math tutoring is available in the Learning Center (Room 3-203) for all levels of math offered at RCC.  Individual appointments can be made at the Learning Center or through https://rcc.mywconline.net. Tutoring is available in Basic Math, Algebra, Statistics, Pre-calculus and Calculus.  Additional tutoring is available for the math encountered in science courses, nutrition and calculations for nursing.  Students can make individual appointments or come with a classmate to a math tutoring session.

Study Groups in Algebra, Statistics and Pre-Calculus are offered each semester and facilitated by math tutors from the Learning Center.

Students interested in an independent math boot camp for an assessment of math skills and a self-paced review of arithmetic and beginning algebra, please contact Joyce Atkinson, Coordinator of Learning Resources in the Learning Center (3-203) or send an email for a one hour appointment to jatkinson@rcc.mass.edu.


For additional online support in math, take a look at the following websites:

Identification Cards

Identification Cards Student Identification Cards

Students must obtain an identification card at the beginning of their first semester. The Student I.D. card is necessary to borrow books from the Library and to access the Learning Center.

I.D. cards must be shown to any member of the Roxbury Community College faculty, staff or security personnel upon request.

How to Obtain an I.D. Card

To obtain a Student I.D., please contact Enrollment Management at (617) 541-
5310. The I.D. office is located in Room 109, Campus Security, Academic Building.

Current semester validation stickers may be obtained at the Registrar's Office.

Replacements for lost cards are available for $5.00.

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